Can You Make Cold Foam With A Blender?

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Cold foam is a yummy frothy topping for iced coffee. You can order it to top your caffeinated beverages at coffee shops or even make it yourself at home.

Ways you can use to make the cold foam involve using a french press, handheld milk frother, or simply a jar with a tight lid. But what if all you have is a blender? 

Can you use a blender to make cold foam?

You can make cold foam by using a blender but keep in mind that it is more work than using a milk frother. If all you have to use to make cold foam is a blender, you can use it to create the yummy coffee topping. 

It is more work in the long run to use a blender to make cold foam because you have to use the entire blender and slowly increase the speed. It is however a pretty fast way to make the coffee topping. 

All you have to do to use a blender to make cold foam is to add cold milk to the blender cup and turn on the blender. Start at the lowest speed and slowly increase until the blender is at full speed. After about 2 minutes of frothing, the milk will become frothy. 

Turn the blender off and pour this onto your iced coffee for a delicious finishing touch. So, in answer to the question, “can you make cold foam with a blender”, yes, you can!

According to Cold Foam: 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Make It at Home, “…Cold foam is an excellent topping for iced coffee, thanks to its light, airy texture that will give your coffee brew a cool finish.The foam is similar in texture and consistency to whipped cream, and you can make it at home. To make this fluffy cold foam at home, the fastest way to do so is by using a blender. It blends super fast and will have your foam ready in no time. This is the best way when making a big batch of this stuff…You can always add more milk to the blender at once, or less if you don’t need so much…”

What Kind Of Blender Makes Cold Foam?

There are several things you can use to make cold foam and a blender is one of them. But, what kind of blender makes cold foam?

Although there are specific cold foam blenders, you can make cold foam using any kind of blender. Just follow the proper steps and you will have some cold foam to top your iced coffee in no time.

The article, Blenders for Making Cold Foam discuss some great cold foam blenders options by saying, “…Turns out, it is easy to make with a blender container that has a special design for aeration. With these aerating blenders, making cold foam is faster than the traditional steaming method. With just a quick blend of some low-fat milk, you’ve got a super light milk froth that is perfect on an iced espresso. The aerating blenders can also be useful for a variety of other culinary foams, whipped creams, and juices…Foaming blending containers are available…such as the Blendtec Stealth and The Quite One by VitaMix. With one of those blenders and an aerating container to match, you will be cold foam ready.”

There are actual cold foam blenders available for you to purchase. These cold foam blenders are great for making a wonderful topping for your iced coffee that is perfectly foamy. 

But, if you don’t have one of these blenders, a regular blender will work just fine, too. Just blend as usual and in no time you will have a light and airy froth to top your iced coffee drink with.

How Do You Froth Cold Milk In A Blender?

Cold foam is easy to make yourself at home. Cold foam is usually just made with nonfat milk. Nonfat milk froths very well, but if you want to substitute a different milk for the skim milk, you can. 

Some things you can use to make cold foam include a french press, milk frother, a jar with a tight fitting lid, and a blender. So, how do you froth cold milk in a blender?

Froth cold milk in a blender by simply pouring in the cold milk and blending it until it is a foamy and smooth consistency. To make cold foam using a blender just pour in the milk and slowly increase the speed. 

Once the milk is foamy it is ready to top your coffee with.

Before we dive into using a blender for cold foam, let’s discuss the other ways to make the frothy coffee topping. 

Starting with the french press, this coffee press system is not only great for making coffee, but also for making cold foam. Pour the cold milk and any sweetener you’d like into the french press and place the lid on. 

Only fill the container up about halfway since it will more than double in volume. Move the plunger up and down to create the fluffy foam. After enough air has been pressed into the milk, it will become light and airy. 

You are now ready to pour the cold foam on top of your iced coffee. 

The next way to make cold foam that I will mention is to use a handheld milk frother. Just whisk the milk and any sweetener you want to use with the handheld milk frother to make bubbles, creating the cold foam. 

Then you can top off your beverage. 

Another way you can make cold foam is to put the milk inside a jar and tightly secure the lid. Then shake vigorously until it increases in volume and creates the fluffy topping. 

Pour on top of your iced coffee for a finishing touch. 

Lastly, use a blender to make cold foam by adding the milk to the blender cup. Just place the blender cup onto the machine. Turn it on to the lowest speed and slowly increase the speed until it is at full speed. It will take about 15 to 30 seconds to up to 2 minutes minutes to achieve the right consistency. 

When it is done, the milk will be a foamy and smooth cream. Top your iced coffee and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

You can make cold foam with a blender. Just pour in the nonfat milk and blend until you create the foam. You can buy a cold foam blender or use any blender to make the frothy coffee topping. 

There are many things you can use to make cold foam but if you only have a blender, don’t worry. It is easy and simple to use a blender to make some delicious cold foam.

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