Can You Make Bread With Pizza Dough?

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So, you recently made a pizza from scratch. It was delicious and everyone enjoyed it. But, you didn’t use all of the pizza dough for your homemade pizza. 

Now, you are stuck with leftover dough and aren’t quite sure what to do with it. Brainstorming ideas, you wonder, can you make bread with pizza dough?

You can make bread with pizza dough. Prepared pizza dough can make a fresh and tasty baguette or even a  loaf of bread. So, if you have leftover pizza dough, use it to make some bread!

Can You Make Bread With Pizza Dough?

Pizza is a favorite food for many people. It can be easily picked up from a pizza restaurant or even made at home! A thick crust is topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and meat for a delicious meal. 

The great thing about pizza is that it is so customizable. You can make it any way you like with whatever ingredient you’d like. You can substitute ingredients to your heart’s desire. 

If you enjoy eating pizza, you probably have made it yourself. 

Homemade pizza is so good since it is made with fresh ingredients. It may even taste better since you spent a lot of time making it. After making a pizza, you had some leftover pizza dough. Or maybe you have some pizza dough that you decide not to use to make a pizza. 

Whatever the case, you can use this dough to make something else. And yes, you can make bread with pizza dough!

Does Pizza Dough Make Good Bread?

So, you have some pizza dough that you aren’t going to use to make a pizza. After all the time it took to make the dough, you definitely don’t want to waste it, you are considering making it into bread. 

Well, you can! But, does it make good bread?

Pizza dough does make good bread since both pizza dough and bread dough have the same base ingredient. You can make dinner rolls, baguettes, breadsticks, scones, pita bread, etc. Even a loaf of bread from pizza dough.

And you can make other types of bread with pizza dough, too. 

Now, bread dough typically has more yeast than pizza dough has making it rise more. If you are using pizza dough to make bread, be sure to stretch to very thinly so it won’t be too thick. 

To make the bread with the pizza dough, start with two dough balls and roll them together into a long round shape. Let them proof until they have risen all the way and then you can bake your loaf of bread made with pizza dough. 

There is a type of bread called focaccia. This bread is very close to pizza dough in its texture which means it is a great kind of bread to make with your leftover pizza dough. 

You can also make dinner rolls, breadsticks, and scones, etc. Have fun experimenting and try making bread with pizza dough. It may taste a little different than regular bread but pizza dough can make some good bread too. 

Is There A Difference Between Pizza Dough And Bread Dough?

Very similar and even able to be used interchangeably, both pizza dough and bread dough can be made into so many “bread-like” foods. In fact, pizza dough is considered bread. 

But, is there a difference between the two doughs?

There is a difference between pizza dough and bread dough and it’s all in the ratio of ingredients. Bread dough contains more yeast as well as water meaning it rises more and is more airy than pizza dough.

So, pizza dough and bread dough have the same core ingredients but different proportions of them. Bread dough has more yeast and water than pizza dough does. Another difference in both of these doughs is that pizza dough is worked through giving it more gluten so that it is more flexible and able to be shaped into a round pizza. 

Bread dough also has gluten but not as much as pizza dough does. 

Pizza dough contains less fat of the two and is also very simple being made with only flour, water, and a little bit of oil whereas bread dough will often be made with eggs, milk, and butter. 

So, while there is a difference between pizza dough and bread dough, they can be used interchangeably since they are basically made with the same ingredients that are just used differently.

Final Thoughts

If you want to make some bread with pizza dough, you certainly can! You can make a variety of breads and they will turn out good. 

This is possible since pizza dough and bread dough are made with the same basic ingredients. What makes these two different is the ratio of ingredients they are made with, their gluten content, and other ingredients that are added in. 

If you have leftover pizza dough, or pizza dough that you aren’t going to make a pizza with, try making some bread with it.

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