Can You Leave Hard Boiled Eggs Out?

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Hard boiled eggs are a healthy and yummy food. Topping salads, smashed between bread, or even eaten alone, hard boiled eggs are delicious. 

Some hard boiled eggs are even decorated around Easter and hidden for a children’s egg hunt. Then they can have a healthy snack when they shell and eat the egg. 

Let’s say you accidentally left out some hard boiled eggs. Maybe you were in a hurry and forgot about them until the next day, or you didn’t have room in your fridge to fit them all. 

For whatever reason, you may now be thinking, can you leave hard boiled eggs out?

You cannot leave hard boiled eggs out for very long. Eggs spoil quickly when they aren’t refrigerated (even when hard boiled) and should be eaten within a couple hours if at room temperature. So, unfortunately hard boiled eggs cannot be left out.

Can You Leave Hard Boiled Eggs Out?

Hard boiled eggs won’t stay good if they are left out and not refrigerated. The day before Easter you worked hard to paint several hard boiled eggs. Since you were making quite a few, you didn’t have room in the fridge for all of them. Some still lay on the counter. 

This caused you to wonder if you can leave hard boiled eggs out until the next day, but, sadly, you can’t. You should find a way to refrigerate the eggs if you want them to stay good. 

Your family was coming over for dinner and you knew your dad loved hard boiled eggs. Making several of them, you forgot and left them out on the counter. Coming back an hour later, panic hits as you think that they have spoiled. 

But, don’t worry! 

Hard boiled eggs can stay at room temperature for about 2 hours before they will start to spoil. But, you don’t want to leave them out longer than this or overnight. They will be spoiled and when eggs spoil they smell awful. 

They could also make you sick if you eat them, plus they will smell and taste bad. And no one wants to eat hard boiled eggs that smell or taste bad. 

So, no, you cannot leave hard boiled eggs out for longer than a couple of hours tops.

Is It Safe To Eat Hard Boiled Eggs Left Out Overnight?

So, you got distracted and forgot about all of those hard boiled eggs sitting out. Leaving them out overnight, you got up to make your morning coffee and spot them on the counter. 

You instantly think well, maybe they are okay. But, is it safe to eat hard boiled eggs if they have been left out overnight?

It is not safe to eat hard boiled eggs that have been left at room temperature for more than a couple hours. Bacteria can begin growing quickly at temperatures between 40 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit and so if left out overnight the eggs will be spoiled.

So as sad as it is, those hard boiled eggs you left sitting out overnight are bad. It is not safe to eat them because bacteria will have already started growing. This means you can get sick if you eat them. 

It may be difficult to throw all your hard work away but trust me, it’s in your best interest. You can only leave hard boiled eggs out for about 2 hours. If the eggs spoil then this increases the risk for salmonella to grow. 

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Remember, it is ok for hard boiled eggs to sit out for a couple hours but not overnight.

How Long Can Hard Boiled Eggs Sit Out?

Hard boiled eggs are a healthy and protein packed snack that pair well with many foods. They make yummy snacks, filling for a sandwich, or topping for a salad. If you eat hard boiled eggs often, there may be times where you accidentally leave them out for an extended period of time. 

So, how long can hard boiled eggs sit out?

Hard boiled eggs can only sit out for about 2 hours. The higher temperature will cause bacteria to begin to grow and the eggs will spoil after this time. So, if you need to keep the eggs out, you can but only for a couple hours.

Rotten or spoiled eggs not only taste bad but can make you sick. This is because after they sit out for a long time at room temperature (above 40 degrees Fahrenheit) bacteria will start to grow. This means there is an increased risk that the eggs will contain salmonella which can make you very ill. 

So, the length of time that hard boiled eggs can be left out isn’t very long. You can only keep them sitting out for about 2 hours before they should be consumed or properly stored in the fridge.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, no, you cannot leave hard boiled eggs out. This can increase the risk for bacteria to grow and if you eat the spoiled eggs, they will not only taste bad, but make you very sick. 

You can only leave hard boiled eggs out for about 2 hours and definitely not overnight. If they are left out overnight or past a couple hours, they should be thrown away. 

Make sure you either eat or refrigerate the hard boiled eggs within a couple of hours because if kept out longer they will need to be thrown away. 

Hard boiled eggs are a great food but you should be careful not to leave them out. They will spoil and smell bad, taste bad, and make you sick. 

So, no matter the reason, hard boiled eggs can be left sitting out for too long.

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