Can You Leave Cream Cheese Frosting Out?

Last updated on September 10th, 2022 at 08:52 am

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Layers of red velvet cake are topped with a creamy of-white frosting. This frosting is also spread on round and fluffy cinnamon rolls. Can you guess what this frosting is? If you said cream cheese, then you are correct. 

Cream cheese frosting is delicious and a great topping for all kinds of desserts. This yummy frosting uses cream cheese and is sweet and tangy for a pleasant taste. 

If you are going to top a recipe with it or have already smeared this delightful spread on a dessert, one thing you may be wondering about. Can you leave cream cheese frosting out?

Cream cheese frosting cannot be left out or it will spoil. The longest it can be left out is 2 hours. Any desserts with a cream cheese frosting topping should be refrigerated or frozen within this amount of time.

Cream cheese was accidentally made when a man by the name of Willaim Lawrence was trying to create a French cheese. When his recipe turned out softer because of not as much fat content and more moisture, he invented cream cheese. 

This creamy food was an expensive delicacy early on. Lawrence began to wrap the cream cheese in foil wrappers naming the brand Philadelphia. Cream cheese then became popular all over the world eventually, it was used as a variation for buttercream frosting. 

Made with cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar, and vanilla, cream cheese frosting is a sweet and tangy delight on many desserts. 

In answer to the question, “can you leave cream cheese frosting out”, no, you cannot leave this creamy sweet and tangy frosting out for more than a couple of hours.

Does Cream Cheese Frosting Go Bad If Not Refrigerated?

Cream cheese frosting will go bad if you don’t refrigerate it. Because it is a dairy product and has a lot of moisture content, cream cheese will go bad if left out for longer than 2 hours. If you notice a bad smell or discoloration, you have to throw it away.

Cream cheese frosting contains some perishable ingredients and so it should be refrigerated after it is used on desserts. It is okay to leave it out for a couple of hours but should be stored in the refrigerator after this time. 

Now, if your house stays at a temperature of 70 degrees or cooler, a cake with cream cheese frosting can last for about 2 to 3 days on the counter in a container. If you keep your house at a higher temperature and it is very hot and humid inside, then you will want to refrigerate the cake. 

A cake with cream cheese frosting will last for about 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator. So, you really can’t leave cream cheese frosting out for very long or it will spoil.

You can also freeze cream cheese frosting to preserve it for even longer. 

Can You Eat Cream Cheese Frosting That Was Left Out Overnight?

Cream cheese frosting that is left out overnight is only safe to eat if it is in a cool place. This topping really should only be left out for a couple of hours. It is a good idea to remember to refrigerate anything made with cream cheese frosting. 

However, if you have accidently left something with cream cheese frosting out overnight, you can still eat it. That is, if your kitchen isn’t too hot. If your kitchen is at a constant cool temperature it will keep the cream cheese frosting good and the sugar will help to preserve it. 

But, if your kitchen is hot, don’t take the risk of eating spoiled cream cheese frosting. The best thing to do is to always be aware and remember to refrigerate cream cheese frosting. 

I know no one wants to eat cold cake, so since the frosting can be kept out for a couple of hours, just cut the piece you want and set it out to bring it to room temperature. Then you can enjoy your cream cheese frosted cake or dessert with a glass of cold milk. 

So, if you have left cream cheese frosting out overnight in a warm environment it probably isn’t safe to eat it. If in a cool environment it will last for a little while. Just be sure to always refrigerate cream cheese frosted desserts.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t leave cream cheese frosting out for more than 2 hours. The warm air will cause it to spoil. If not refrigerated, this off-white, sweet and tangy flavored frosting will go bad. 

Cream cheese frosting that is kept at a cool temperature is okay to eat if you have left it out overnight. But, if in a warm kitchen, it will spoil fast and won’t be safe to consume. 

So, remember to always refrigerate (or freeze for long-term storage) anything with cream cheese frosting on it to keep it good.

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