Can You Leave Brownies Out? (Should You Refrigerate Them?)

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Freshly made brownie aroma fills the air as you set them on the counter to cool. The ooey and gooey sweet squares of chocolate delight are too irresistible. 

You grab one, well, maybe two and savor every bite. 

Now it’s time to store the yummy brownies away. Can you leave them out on the counter in a tightly sealed container? Or should you put them in the refrigerator?

You can leave brownies out and store them at room temperature. They will last slightly longer when refrigerated but most people prefer the taste better when they are left out. 

Brownies taste better when they are stored at room temperature since it keeps them softer and chewy. If brownies are left out they will stay fresh for about three to four days. 

Always be sure to wrap your brownies or make sure the container lid is on tightly. Keeping air away from your brownies will help them stay fresh for longer. 

If you want your brownies to last even longer you can refrigerate them. This way they will last for about two weeks. 

They will be cold so if you let them sit at room temperature before eating them they will probably taste better to you. Or you can pop them in the microwave for brownies that melt in your mouth. 

When placing the extra brownies in the refrigerator keep them wrapped well. To wrap the brownies you can use plastic wrap, foil, or plastic storage containers to keep the air out.

How Long Will Brownies Last Unrefrigerated? 

Storing the brownies in the refrigerator will allow them to last longer by about a week or two, but it will most likely affect their texture. When you refrigerate or cool the brownies they may become dry and crumbly. 

Unrefrigerated brownies will almost always taste a lot better. 

If you want your brownies to stay soft and moist then it is best to leave them out at room temperature. They will not go bad until several days later.

Unrefrigerated brownies are best eaten one to two days after being baked but can stay fresh for up to four days. After that they won’t necessarily go bad but they will begin to harden and not taste as good. 

Already cut brownies should be sealed and placed in an airtight plastic container. These are best when eaten one to two days after you have baked them. If you want your brownies to last longer when they are left at room temperature, do not cut them and make sure they are wrapped tightly in plastic. 

WIth this storage option the brownies will last for up to four days unrefrigerated before starting to harden. 

Like mentioned before, you can either store your brownies at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Putting them in the fridge may make them dry while keeping them out will keep them chewy. 

If your brownies contain perishable ingredients such as cream cheese, C&H Sugar Company recommends placing these in the refrigerator.

Do Brownies Taste Better The Next Day? 

Let’s be honest, when the sweet aroma of brownies and chocolate reach your nose, it’s hard to wait to eat them. But did you know that waiting at least a half an hour after baking the brownies will make them taste better? 

So in the end it’s worth the wait. Sometimes that means even waiting a whole day to dive into their deliciousness.

Brownies are known to taste better the next day. If stored correctly they will have a crispy crust and creamy center.

According to an article on, Brownies taste better the next day.” 

They continue to say you should cool the brownies in the pan and set them aside uncut overnight in an airtight container or covered with two layers of foil. 

You can even freeze brownies to enjoy months from when you baked them. Freezing will affect their texture but can make them last for up to four months.

When your brownies have been properly wrapped, stored, and cooled, they will be more flavorful and fudgy. 

While it may be difficult to wait while they sit there on the counter taunting you, you will be glad you did when you bite into the perfectly baked chocolaty treat.

Does Putting Brownies In The Fridge Make Them Fudgy? 

Instead of just digging into the brownie right after baking them. It is a good idea to let them cool.  Cooling brownies in the refrigerator will give you a nice clean cut when it is time to eat the yummy dessert but it can also shorten the time they need to cool.

Cooling brownies in the fridge can make them more chewy. After an hour, you will be rewarded with chewy and delicious brownies. 

By placing your brownies in the refrigerator to cool this will shorten the time it takes for them to get chewy and be ready to be eaten. 

According to an article on Baking Kneads, “Keep them ( the brownies) uncovered and on the wire cooling rack. Using this refrigerator cooling method takes under an hour, or about 45 minutes overall. If you want chewier brownies, step up the time to 60 minutes.” 

Putting brownies in the fridge won’t necessarily make them fudgy. Storing them in the refrigerator may actually make them more dry and crumbly. However, If you use the refrigerator cooling method, it can make your brownies more chewy.

Everyone has their own opinion on the best type of brownie and there are actually three different kinds, chewy, cakey and fudgy. 

Chewy brownies are the ones that are the perfect blend of cakey and fudgy with deep flavor. Cakey brownies are lighter and airier with just the right amount of chocolaty taste. 

Then the fudgy brownies. The chocolate lovers dream of rich flavor and a gooey center. 

Final Thoughts 

Brownies are a favorite for kids and adults alike and are a very popular dessert. For the best tasting experience they should be stored properly. 

You can either store the brownies at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Either way they should be wrapped tightly in plastic wrap or sealed in an airtight container. 

For the brownies to taste better, it is recommended you leave them out since the refrigerator can dry them out. 

Waiting a day to eat the brownies will also help them taste better and you will not be disappointed by how delicious they are.

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