Can You Fry With Olive Oil?

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Originating in the Mediterranean, olive oil is commonly used in cooking. Made from olives, this oil is great for cooking as well as in salad dressings or to dip bread in. 

It enhances the taste of whatever dish you are preparing, giving it lots of flavor and a great taste. Olive oil is available in light, virgin, and extra virgin. Extra virgin olive oil refers to the olive oil that is first squeezed from the olives and is the best kind you can buy. 

A staple ingredient in many kitchens, olive oil is known as the healthiest oil to cook with and can be used to cook pretty much any meat or vegetable. But, can you fry with olive oil?

You can fry with olive oil for a flavorful taste added to your dish. If you keep the heat at the proper temperature and cook for a short amount of time, then olive oil is fine to use for frying.

Olive oil has the tendency to burn so if it is heated too quickly or at too high a temperature it will end up burning. This is why you should only use olive oil to fry small portions or things that cook quickly. 

Chicken tenders or thin chicken breast will fry nicely in olive oil but a whole bone-in chicken won’t. Olive oil can only be left at a moderate temperature and not used for very long or you run the risk of burning it. 

So, while you can’t fry large amounts at a high temperature with olive oil, you can still use it for frying smaller foods. Follow these guidelines the next time you are frying with olive oil. 

It gives your food a nice taste, so try olive oil to give it more flavor. Olive oil also offers a lot of nutrients. It can give your body antioxidants and Vitamin E making it the healthiest oil to cook with. Fry with olive oil for added flavor into your food as well as nutrients into your diet.

Can You Fry With Extra-Virgin Olive Oil?

While regular olive oil is stripped of its nutrients, extra-virgin olive oil is made by a natural process keeping all of its nutrients and antioxidants. Extra virgin olive oil is said to be the highest quality olive oil that is available and is a staple in Mediterranean cuisine as a finishing touch to dishes. 

Used in kitchens all around the world, it is used to cook meat and veggies. Can you fry with extra-virgin olive oil?

You can fry with extra virgin olive oil. Be careful not to burn it and you can use the olive oil to fry small portions of food for a healthier option. Frying with extra-virgin olive oil is healthier because it contains many nutrients.

Olive oil can give your food a great taste. Frying with extra-virgin olive oil can be done but like we said before, olive oil cannot be heated very high or for too long, or it will burn. 

Olive oil’s smoke point is between 350 and 380 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the olive oil used. Olive oil can burn quickly and easily. Extra-virgin olive oil is the most pure form of olive oil and can burn easily as well. 

Keep in mind that temperature control is key when frying with olive oil. This is why other oils such as canola oil, peanut oil or corn oil are typically used when frying large amounts of food for a long time and over high heat. 

These oils can stand this while olive oil is more fragile. Still, olive oil can be used for frying and this includes extra-virgin olive oil as well. Just fry small portions at a moderate heat so you don’t burn it.

Is Frying With Olive Oil Healthy?

When you think of fried foods, you think of grease and a heart attack waiting to happen. Foods that are fried can taste really good but if eaten too often can have harmful effects on your body. 

Olive oil is a healthy oil to use in your cooking. Containing nutrients and antioxidants, olive oil is the healthiest oil you can use in your cooking. 

Since you can use it for frying, is frying with olive oil healthy?

Olive oil is one of the healthiest cooking staples. It has many health benefits and is a safe and reliable option for frying foods. While giving your food more flavor, frying with olive oil is healthy.

According to Healthline, “Olive oil is extremely healthy.”  In their article, Is Olive Oil a Good Cooking Oil? A Critical Look they state, “…It’s not only loaded with beneficial fatty acids and powerful antioxidants but also a dietary staple for some of the world’s healthiest populations. However, many people believe that it’s unsuitable for cooking due to its unsaturated fat content. Others claim that it’s an excellent choice for cooking — even for high-heat methods like frying.”

Overheated olive oil can be harmful to your health since it releases compounds that when they are inhaled could be bad for you. So as we said before, keep the temperature down when you are cooking with olive oil to reduce this risk. 

Olive oil is high in Vitamin E as well as antioxidants which give us many health benefits. Olive oil is an excellent oil to fry with if done correctly because of all the nutrients it contains.

Final Thoughts

You can fry with olive oil. A staple of Mediterranean cuisine, olive oil is a common ingredient in  many kitchens. It enhances the flavor of the food that is cooked in it.

For best results, fry smaller portions of food at a moderate temperature when using olive oil. Olive oil can burn easily if fried at a high temperature or for too long. 

Extra-virgin olive oil can be used to fry with as long as you follow these guidelines. Olive oil has a lot of nutrients making it very healthy. 

Just follow the basic rules on frying with olive oil safely. Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils to fry with and along with the flavor it gives your food it can supply you with health benefits.

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