Can You Fry Shake ‘n Bake?

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Shake ‘n Bake is a crumb-like coating that many home chefs use when making chicken. Shake ‘n Bake will mimic the texture of a crumb coating that is often used when frying chicken. 

Shake ‘n Bake is used as an alternative for when a person wants to bake their chicken but get the flavor and texture of fried chicken. 

In 1965 General Foods debuted Shake ‘n Bake, it is now a Kraft product. Shake ‘n Bake has been advertised with “Why fry? Shake ‘n Bake” or “Shake ‘n Bake: It’s better than frying.” 

Some people might want to use Shake ‘n Bake but still want to fry their food. Is it possible to do that? 

You can fry using Shake ‘n Bake if you like. You can use the Shake ‘n Bake instead of coating the meat in breadcrumbs or flour before frying it. 

When you deep fry something it is usually dredged in flour, dipped in egg, and then covered in breadcrumbs. The flour and egg will help the breading to stick to your piece of meat during the frying process and also protect the outside of the meat from getting too crispy. 

You can certainly use Shake ‘n Bake in place of the bread crumbs that you would normally use when deep frying without any issues.

Can I Pan Fry Shake ‘n Bake Chicken?

Shake ‘n Bake chicken is a delicious alternative to fried chicken. It has been marketed as a healthier option to the traditional fried chicken as well. 

Maybe you don’t want to get your own bread crumb mixture together, perhaps you like the convenience of Shake ‘n Bake, or you just want the flavor combinations that comes in your box of Shake ‘n Bake and you want to know if you can go ahead and use Shake ‘n Bake when you pan fry your chicken. 

You can pan fry Shake ‘n Bake chicken. You will want to use a small amount of oil when pan frying with Shake ‘n Bake but you do not need to do anything extra to pan fry your chicken with Shake ‘n Bake. 

You can even add your own spices to Shake ‘n Bake to make it your own.

Do You Dip Chicken In Egg Before Shake ‘n Bake?

When you are frying chicken, you will typically dredge it through flour that has been seasoned with spices and herbs that you are wanting to use. Then you will dip your pieces of chicken in a thinned-out egg mixture, it can be thinned out with water or milk, whichever you prefer. After dipping the chicken into the egg, you will then either dredge it back through the flour or roll it in bread crumbs.

Do you need to do all of this when you are using Shake ‘n Bake? 

You do not need to dip your chicken in egg before you use Shake ‘n Bake. According to the package directions you will simply moisten the chicken with water before you place it into the bag with the coating mix, sealing the bag, then shaking it to coat the chicken.

However, there are many ways that you can use Shake ‘n Bake! There are even alternate directions on the boxes. You can find directions for Crispy Baked Chicken on the box for the Shake ‘n Bake original chicken so you can enjoy even crispier chicken. 

To make Crispy Baked Chicken as directed on the Shake ‘n Bake box you will need 6 small boneless chicken breasts, 1/3 cup of mayonnaise, or Miracle Whip, a tablespoon of parsley flakes, and 1 packet of Shake ‘n Bake chicken coating mix. 

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and then mix your Shake ‘n Bake coating and parsley flakes together on a plate. You will spread your Miracle Whip or mayonnaise on both sides of each boneless chicken breast. 

Once they are all coated in Miracle Whip you will then take each chicken breast one at a time and roll it through the chicken coating mixture until they are all covered. Spray your baking sheet with cooking oil and then place each chicken breast onto the baking sheet. 

Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes or until your chicken has reached an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You could even add a little brown mustard to your Miracle Whip to give your chicken a little extra flavor. 

There is so much that you can do with Shake ‘n Bake so if you want to dip your pieces of chicken in egg before you coat it with the crumb coating mixture of Shake ‘n Bake you certainly can do that. It will only enhance the flavor of your chicken. 

If you want to use egg with your Shake ‘n Bake you will want to make your egg dip. Simply crack one or two eggs into a shallow pan or dish. Thin the eggs out with a small amount of milk; if you are lactose intolerant or simply do not have milk on hand you can use water to thin out the eggs as well. 

Beat the eggs slightly and then take each piece of chicken one at a time and dip it into your egg mixture, making sure that all of your chicken comes into contact with the egg. Allow the excess egg to drip off of the chicken back into the pan or dish that you are using and then transfer your pieces of chicken, one at a time to a Ziploc bag with the Shake ‘n Bake crumb coating mixture. 

Seal the bag and shake it until the piece of chicken is thoroughly coated. Repeat this process with each piece of chicken. 

Now you can go ahead and bake it at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for around 25 minutes. Make sure that your chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Allow your chicken to rest for a few minutes before serving as this will allow the juices to settle back into the meat, resulting in a nice juicy piece of chicken. 

If you do not want to bake the chicken you can pan fry it. Using a small bit of cooking oil, cook your coated chicken until it reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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