Can You Fry Raw Shrimp?

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Many people enjoy eating shrimp. It is a very popular food around the world and is actually really easy to prepare. Shrimp can be cooked a lot of different ways, baked, sauteed, and yes, fried. 

Shrimp with a golden-brown crispy outside and a juicy and tender inside are delicious. If you are planning on making some yummy shrimp for dinner, but are unsure how to fry them then keep reading. 

You can fry raw shrimp. They don’t take very long to cook since they are so small. Just like you can bread and fry raw chicken, raw shrimp can also be fried and you don’t have to boil or bake them first.

Can You Fry Raw Shrimp?

Crispy fried shrimp is on the menu for dinner tonight, but you aren’t sure if you have to cook them first. Now, it’s time to make dinner, so can you just fry the raw shrimp? The answer is yes, of course you can fry raw shrimp! 

Shrimp is most often cooked raw. There is no need for cooking the shrimp ahead of time, just take the shrimp from the freezer or fridge and fry away. You want the shrimp to be raw before you fry it because cooked shrimp won’t end up tasting as good. 

Pre-cooked shrimp saves some time but raw shrimp has better flavor and texture. So, yes, you can fry raw shrimp.

How Long Does It Take For Raw Shrimp To Fry?

Sometimes you are in a rush and need a simple meal to make for dinner. So, what about fried shrimp? Frying shrimp doesn’t take very much time at all since they are small pieces of seafood. 

If you are making fried shrimp how long does it take?

Shrimp are so small that it only takes about 2 to 3 minutes per side for raw shrimp to fry and cook completely. You should cook them until they are golden-brown on the outside and opaque on the inside.

Shrimp can be fried very quickly. They are small and once breaded, they only need to sit in the heated oil for about 2 to 3 minutes per side. Once you have noticed that the thickest part of the shrimp (opposite the tail) has turned from transparent to opaque, then the shrimp is finished cooking. If you are concerned if it is done you can cut it open to see if the meat inside has turned from pink to white. 

It doesn’t take that long to fry shrimp, as it normally only takes a couple of minutes before it is ready to eat. 

Can I Fry Frozen Shrimp?

Certain foods have to be thawed before you can cook them. And some foods take a long time to cook frozen. If you have forgotten to thaw some shrimp but are craving it for dinner anyways, can you just fry it frozen?

You can fry frozen shrimp. Since they are so small, they are quick to cook whether thawed or frozen. Unlike chicken or salmon that has to be thawed before you cook it, shrimp can go directly from the freezer into a frying pan.

This can be easier than letting the shrimp thaw and it will only add a couple of minutes to the time it usually takes for shrimp to fry. You can fry frozen shrimp since they are small and will still cook quickly. 

They will just thaw and cook at the same time. So, in case you didn’t thaw the shrimp or don’t want to wait for it to thaw, you can just fry frozen shrimp.

Can You Eat Raw Shrimp?

Shrimp is nutritious for you only containing 7 calories and is an excellent source of protein. They also provide you with beneficial antioxidants, Vitamin B12 and are low in carbs and fat. You always see shrimp cooked, but can you eat raw shrimp?

You cannot eat raw shrimp. Raw shrimp is unsafe to eat because of the risk of food poisoning. Shrimp is good when it is properly cooked, but since you can get sick if you eat it raw, it is not recommended to eat raw shrimp.

One thing you should remember is that you should never eat shrimp raw. Always cook it in some way before you consume it. Otherwise you could get sick. In many cultures around the world, raw shrimp is eaten, but it shouldn’t be. 

Shrimp should always be cooked and cannot be eaten raw. Shrimp harbor abcsteri, viruses, and parasites that could lead to food poisoning if you were to eat it raw. The only way to get rid of these is by cooking the shrimp at high temperatures.

How Do You Fry/Deep Fry Raw Shrimp?

If you enjoy eating shrimp, then by now you probably want some for dinner tonight or sometime this week. And shrimp that is fried with a flavorful and crispy outer layer sounds so good. 

So, how do you fry or deep fry raw shrimp?

Frying shrimp is easy and simple to do. Just take your frozen or thawed raw shrimp and dip it in some egg and then flour or other breading. Then place the shrimp into a pan of heated oil and fry for a couple of minutes on each side.

Frying shrimp can be done in a frying pan, deep fryer or air fryer. 

Start By Choosing Your Oil

It is recommended to fry shrimp in peanut oil. It has a high smoke point and will provide the shrimp with a lot of flavor. You can also use a variety of other oils for frying shrimp, but choosing one with a high smoke point that can be heated to high temperatures is best. 

Once you choose which oil you will use you will want to begin heating it up. 

Some recipes will suggest just breading the shrimp right away while some will instruct you to soak the shrimp for about 10 minutes in some milk and seasoning for added flavor. If you have never fried shrimp before I would recommend skipping the soaking this time. You can then try it the next time you fry shrimp and see which you like better. 

Next you will want to make an egg wash in one bowl and seasoned breading in another. Dip the shrimp into the egg, then the breading, and then place them in the frying pan. 

Flip the shrimp over after a minute or two and once they are a nice golden brown and their insides have turned opaque, they are finished frying. 

Transfer the shrimp to a plate covered in a paper towel and then serve for a delicious meal.

Final Thoughts

You can fry raw shrimp. It can be fried in a frying pan, deep fryer, or air fryer. Many people prefer using a countertop deep fryer since it is less messy to clean up (no splattering). 

Shrimp are small and it only takes a couple of minutes for them to fry. You can fry this seafood crustacean quickly even if it is still frozen. 

But, you should never eat raw shrimp and should cook it in some ways. It’s easy to fry shrimp and will result in a crispy and delicious lunch or dinner. 

There is no need for cooking before you fry it. Raw shrimp can be fried if you wish. 

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