Can You Fry Normal Bananas?

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Bananas are a popular fruit usually eaten raw by peeling the skin off and enjoying the soft center of the fruit. But, have you ever wondered if you can fry bananas? 

Plantains are very similar to bananas and they are fried all the time. You may have heard of frying plantains. Plantains are fruits and are very similar to bananas in the way they look, but they don’t taste the same and are usually eaten cooked. 

These fruits are fried to a crispy and caramelized texture for a yummy side dish. This Caribbean dish is sweet and enjoyed all over the world. Now, since plantains are so similar to bananas, can you fry normal bananas, too?

You can fry normal bananas. These can be served as a side dish, dessert, or just eaten as is. Similar to plantains, but with a sweeter flavor, bananas can also be fried but they will have a different taste than fried plantains. 

If you love to eat bananas, you should try frying them! Regular bananas can be fried and it’s easy to do. Frying bananas will create a crispy banana slice with a soft and gooey center. Just place the sliced banana in some oil and fry each side for about 1 to 2 minutes. 

Bananas are similar to plantains which are fried as a Caribbean dish. While plantains are usually the fruit that is fried, they have a different taste than bananas. Bananas can also be fried for a side dish, topped with cinnamon and sugar for a dessert, or just eaten fried. 

Now, bananas are full of nutrients but frying them will turn this healthy food into one that isn’t so healthy. So, this dish should be eaten in moderation and thought of as a dessert. Frying bananas gives you delicious exotic food and is something that everyone should try at least once. 

Can Regular Bananas Be Cooked?

What we mean by regular bananas is just basic bananas you will find at a normal grocery store. Most of the time, when you think of frying a fruit, plantains come to mind. While these are so yummy fried, can regular bananas be cooked also?

You can cook regular bananas. They can be baked, boiled, roasted, and fried. Bananas are sweet when they are ripe and so they are used in mainly sweet recipes. Whereas green bananas and plantains are used in savory dishes like vegetables.

As you can see, you can cook bananas in several ways. Usually bananas are just eaten raw and plantains are the fruits that are cooked, but you can also cook bananas for a sweet dish. 

For some different ways you can cook bananas click here

For now, we will discuss frying bananas. Yes, just like you can fry plantains, bananas can be fried! They will taste different than plantains but are good. 

Bananas are sweeter than plainatins, which makes them perfect for frying for a dessert. While plantains are used in savory dishes and like a vegetable. Fried bananas are a yummy and sweet dish with a soft center and crispy exterior. 

Are Fried Bananas Healthy?

We all want to eat healthier. It makes us feel better and even look better. If bananas are on your list of healthy foods to eat, you are getting a lot of nutrition from them. 

But, what about fried bananas? Is this dish healthy?

Fried bananas aren’t healthy, although they are healthier than many other desserts. Because they are high in nutrients, bananas are good for you to eat. But, when you add other unhealthy ingredients to fry them, it sort of cancels out the healthiness of the food.

Bananas are good for you. They are high in potassium and pectin which is a form of fiber. They contain magnesium as well as vitamins C and B6. Because bananas are high in antioxidants they can help keep you healthy. 

If you love to eat bananas for their nutrition or for their yummy taste, you may have heard of frying these fruits. When you are frying bananas, you use a lot of oil and they are often topped with unhealthy foods like sugar, cinnamon, and honey. 

So, although bananas are full of nutrients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals, these are offset by the fat, calories and sugar used when frying the banas. So, no, though they taste good, fried bananas aren’t really healthy.

How Do You Make Fried Bananas?

Bananas are one of your go-to snacks and you want to try to fry some for a different taste. Making some fried bananas is simple and easy to do. They are also so yummy and you can serve them as a side dish or as a dessert. 

So, how do you make fried bananas?

Fried bananas are so good and it doesn’t take long to fry the fruit for a gooey center and crispy outside. You should fry bananas for about 1 to 2 minutes per side until they turn a golden brown in color.

To fry bananas just heat up some cooking oil in a pan. You will use about the same amount as you would for deep frying chicken or other items. Peel however many bananas you would like to fry, and cut them into half inch slices. Then you can season with salt if you’d like or coat them in frying batter. 

Now it’s time to fry the bananas. Fry each side for about 1 to 2 minutes until they reach a slightly golden color. Once they are finished frying, remove them from the oil and drain. You will then have fried bananas with a gooey center and a crispy outside to enjoy. 

Top these fried banana slices with some toasted coconut, sugar and cinnamon, or even some chocolate for a delicious dessert. Here is a great recipe for fried bananas. There are many others that are available to you to try online as well. 

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, yes, you can fry bananas. Just like you can fry plantains which are similar to bananas, you can fry bananas also. These Caribbean dishes taste different from one another but are both good. 

Bananas are sweet so when they are fried, they make a great dessert. You can even top them with sugar or cinnamon or eat them as is. While bananas are healthy, fried bananas aren’t because of the oil they are cooked in and the sugar they are often topped with. 

Still, fried bananas are great to eat in moderation. 

It’s easy to fry bananas, just follow the helpful tips mentioned in this article. If you love bananas, try frying them for an enjoyable side dish, snack, or dessert.

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