Can You Fry Different Foods In The Same Oil?

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Fried foods are comforting and delicious. There’s just something about that crispy breading and juicy meat that makes fried chicken one of the most popular comfort foods in the history of the U.S. but, you can also fry other foods as well. You can fry potatoes, commonly known as fries, fish, and even some vegetables can be breaded and fried up for a tasty meal. 

If you are going to be fixing a lot of fried foods soon, you may be wondering, can you fry different foods in the same oil?

You can definitely fry different foods in the same oil as long as the taste from one food won’t affect the other food. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use oil used to fry fish for frying chicken because it will make the chicken taste a bit like fish. 

Fried foods aren’t that healthy for you, but if eaten in moderation you can enjoy them for a comforting meal. 

Did you know that fried chicken had its origin in the south? You may have heard of southern fried chicken before. Well, according to the Economist, African slaves brought over their recipe of seasoned, battered, and fried in oil chicken which became a favorite in many Southern households. 

As the years went on, fried chicken has become somewhat of a staple in American culture. 

Many foods today can be fried giving it that crispy breading covering a juicy interior. To fry food, you simply season it, batter it, and fry it in some oil. Though it really isn’t recommended, you can fry different food in the same oil. 

Now, you should only do this for foods where the flavors won’t affect how the other tastes. Deep fryers allow you to cook a variety of foods in them without changing the oil. However, you should filter the oil periodically and only use the oil for foods that are similar. 

Oil can be reused several times , but everytime it is used, it breaks down a little. If you want to save oil, you should filter out the crumbs and store it properly. Then you can get 3 or 4 uses out of the leftover oil for foods that are alike. 

So, if you want to fry some fish, you wouldn’t want to fry the oil used to fry the fish to fry chicken or fries later on, This could result in these other foods tasting fishy. But, if you want to reuse frying oil, you can fry similar foods in the same oil.

Can You Fry Fries, Chicken, And Fish, In The Same Oil?

Fried foods just taste so good. Their crunchy outside pairs perfectly with the tender inside to create a comforting and tastebud pleasing meal. Though not that healthy for you, you can enjoy them every once in a while. 

So, can you fry fries, fried chicken, and fish in the same oil?

Fries and chicken can be cooked in the same oil and fish could be fried after fries or chicken. However, you would not want to fry fish first and then chicken or fries as they would taste a bit fishy. Oil that is used to cook certain foods whose taste can really affect other foods should only be used for that food. 

So, let’s begin with frying fries and chicken in the same oil. You can totally do this. And this goes for whichever one you fry first. The same oil can be used to fry chicken and fries because the flavors of one don’t affect the other. 

Now, as far as using the same oil for fish and chicken, this can be done as long as you fry the chicken first but is not recommended. You do not want to fry fries or chicken in oil that has already been used for fish or vice versa because they will end up taking the flavor of the other and just not taste right. 

Chicken or fries that are fried in oil used to fry fish can result in fishy-tasting chicken and fries which isn’t very appetizing.

So, really the decision on if you can use the same oil for different foods is entirely to your own personal preference. Personally, any oil that is used for fish I won’t use to fry anything else except for fish again. 

How Often Can You Reuse Oil For Frying?

So, if you want to use some oil you used to fry a certain food for frying another food, you can. Just make sure that it won’t affect the second food’s taste. But, can you reuse frying oil? And if so, how often can you reuse it?

You can reuse frying oil but it will break down the more times it is used. On average you can reuse frying oil about 3 or 4 times. So, it is perfectly fine to save frying oil to cook other foods later on.

It is recommended that you use fresh oil every time you fry, but if for some reason you want to reuse it, you can. You can reuse oil such as canola, peanut, or vegetable oils. Olive oil on the other hand isn’t the greatest saved and reused. 

If you are wanting to save frying oil, make sure you fry at the right temperatures so you don’t burn it. You should strain the oil after every batch of frying to get rid of any unwanted items as well. Be sure and separate different oils and label what they are so that they can be used for similar food later on. 

Like I said before, some oils should not be used to fry other foods because it can affect the food’s taste. Frying oil only lasts for about 3 or 4 frys until it needs to be tossed out.

Final Thoughts

You can fry different foods in the same oil, as long as the flavors of one won’t affect the flavors of the other. A good example of this is oil used for frying fish. Oil used to fry fish can make chicken or even fries taste fishy so you will want to avoid doing this. 

Now, oil used for chicken or fries can be used for one another and most people won’t have a problem using chicken or fries oil to fry their fish in. 

You can reuse frying oil and if you store it properly it can be reused for 3 or 4 more times. Just remember, although you can use frying oil for different foods, try to only use it for foods where it won’t affect the way it tastes.

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