Can You Freeze Wedding Cake?

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Picture fancy tablecloths and beautiful lights. Tables are set out on the floor of a reception hall each featuring decorations of coordinating colors. Every table is facing toward one area of the room. 

In this area a small table with the words Mr. and Mrs. is everyone’s focal point. Next to this table is another where the delicious wedding cake sits. cake. 

With its layers of sweet fluffy goodness topped with rich creamy frosting. Decorated with flowers and designs, this dessert is a part of the wedding tradition. 

After the wedding reception, the bride and groom freeze the top layer of their cake to eat on their first anniversary. Everyone does it, but should they? Some may ask, can you freeze wedding cake?

You can definitely freeze wedding cake. It may not taste as good as on the day of your wedding but you can do it.

There’s just something memorable about your wedding cake. You spend the first few moments of your married life together eating it. Most people do not want to just toss the remainder and opt for freezing it. 

As tradition, the happy couple takes the top layer of their cake and freezes it. On their first anniversary they take out the cake and reminisce about their wedding day. 

It is said that freezing the wedding cake and eating it on your first anniversary brings you good luck.

One year after the wedding ceremony, the frozen cake is taken out of the freezer and thawed to be eaten in celebration of that wonderful day. Now, over time the freezer does alter the taste and texture of the cake. It won’t taste quite as good as it did the day you were married and it will never be as fresh as it was on your wedding day but it’s the memories that count. 

You can freeze wedding cake and it is safe to eat even a year later.

How Long Can You Freeze Wedding Cake? 

Traditionally, the bride and groom keep the top layer of their wedding cake to be eaten one year later. They freeze it in hopes of bringing it on a romantic evening when they celebrate their marriage of one whole year. 

But, how long can you actually freeze a wedding cake?

If the cake is properly preserved, you can freeze the wedding cake for multiple years after the wedding day.

It turns out, saving the top tier of your wedding cake is not only a tradition but also kind of superstitious. Everyone tells you that you have to save and freeze it so you can eat it on your first anniversary. 

What started out as a tradition when the couple celebrated within the first year of their marriage evolved into a way to relive the special event. But how long can you actually keep the cake for?

Storing the wedding cake in the freezer is a good way to preserve it. It is perfectly safe to eat the wedding cake a year after your special day but the freezer burn may set in and make the once delicious dessert not taste quite so yummy. If you package the cake correctly before placing it in the freezer for long-term storage you should still be able to enjoy your wedding cake (if only for sentimental reasons) 365 days later.

Is It Safe To Eat Wedding Cake A Year Later? 

Everyone does it, so it should be okay, right? Sometimes knowing the facts give us peace of mind. The same goes with freezing wedding cake. Is it safe to eat it a year later?

It is safe to eat wedding cake a year later if you have packaged it well and properly stored it in the freezer.

Freezing wedding cake symbolizes good luck and property of the married couple. It is a way they can remember their wedding day since they have saved a piece of it to be enjoyed a year later. 

Freezing the wedding cake will only affect the quality of the cake but not the safety of it. One wedding cake expert gave some tips on how to preserve your wedding cake for the best results. 

First you will want to freeze the cake for a few hours. Next, loosely wrap it in plastic and put it in a cake box. Then wrap the cake box in plastic and store it in the freezer. If you are doubtful if the cake will really be safe to eat 365 days later, use more plastic wrap. 

Freezing wedding cake will help it last longer but wrapping the cake well will help aid in the preservation process.

How Do You Freeze Leftover Wedding Cake? 

Freezing a wedding cake can be a little tricky. If you don’t pack it correctly you will end up with freezer burnt cake to celebrate your first anniversary with. So, how do you freeze leftover wedding cake?

To properly freeze leftover wedding cake you just need to put it in an airtight container and make sure that no air ever reaches it. 

First, you should know what kind of cake you are dealing with and set your expectations. Freezing the wedding cake will affect its quality so you cannot expect it to taste the same as it did the day you were married. 

Delicate cake and cakes with certain fillings may not keep as well as other cakes in the frigid temperatures. Start by pre-freezing it and then wrap it up loosely in plastic wrap. 

The icing won’t stick to the cake because of the pre-freezing. Also, don’t use aluminum foil to wrap the cake in because this could lead to freezer burn. 

After you have wrapped it in plastic wrap, store it in a cake box or another airtight container. 

If you are putting the cake in a box, wrap the box in plastic wrap as well. Label the package and save for your first anniversary. 

To thaw the frozen wedding cake, let it sit in the refrigerator for a day or two and give it a couple hours at room temperature. Now the cake is ready to be enjoyed by you and your spouse on the celebration of your special day. 

If you are still concerned that your cake won’t last until the year one mark, you can always have your bakery make you a duplicate to be eaten on your first anniversary. Even though it isn’t the exact cake it will be sure to bring back those beautiful memories.

Final Thoughts

Wedding cake can be frozen so you can eat it on the celebration of your wedding day one year later. If it is properly preserved it will last until then and maybe even longer. 

It is perfectly safe to freeze wedding cake. To freeze it you should wrap the dessert really well and place it in a wrapped cake box or an airtight container. 

It may not taste exactly the same but it will bring back memories that you two share together.

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