Can You Freeze Tortillas?

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Freezing food is a great way to save food for later while still keeping it fresh. You can store many different kinds of food in the freezer, then you can wait until you want to use them, thaw and eat on a different day. 

The time you can freeze food varies on what the food is. Still, this is great if you have leftovers or a lot of a certain food item that will spoil or go bad. 

Food doesn’t last forever and has an expiration date. So, if you know that you won’t eat it in time and want to preserve it for future use, you can by freezing the food.  

What about tortillas? Can you freeze them to eat later?

You can freeze tortilla wraps to save them for later use. By following some simple steps you can keep the tortillas good in freezer storage.

As mentioned, the time food can be stored in the freezer varies for each item. Tortillas have a shorter lifespan in the frigid environment lasting only 2 months in the freezer. 

After this time, the quality of the tortillas change. 

Freezing food is a good way to preserve it but the longer it is stored this way, the more likely they are to lose quality. So, if you are storing tortillas in the freezer be sure to eat them up within a couple months. 

When freezing the tortillas, label the package with the current date so you know when you put them in there and when you need to eat them by. 

Sometimes there is a good deal at the grocery store that you just don’t want to pass up, or maybe you make a lot of meals using tortillas. If you have them taking up a lot of space in your refrigerator, freeze them! 

There is a certain way you should freeze tortillas which we will discuss later on in this article. Thankfully, if you have an overwhelming amount of tortillas and want to save them for a couple months, you can just go ahead and freeze them. 

Now you will have tortillas on hand for wherever you need them.

How Do You Store Tortillas In The Freezer?

Tortillas are used for all kinds of delicious food. Burritos, quesadillas, and sandwich wraps are all entrees made with tortillas. 

If you find yourself making a lot of food with tortillas you probably have many packages of them taking up space in your refrigerator. Not wanting them to go bad you decide to store them in the freezer. 

But how can you do this the right way?

Store tortillas in the freezer by placing parchment paper between each tortilla and placing them into a freezer bag. The tortilla will last for a couple months when stored properly in the freezer.

Freezing tortillas is great if you need to store them long-term. Tortillas only last for 2 weeks in the refrigerator so storing in the freezer will help them to last longer. 

Before freezing, place parchment between the tortillas. By placing parchment paper between each tortilla before freezing them, you will help yourself in advance. 

When it comes time to thaw and eat some of the tortillas, you have already separated them so they can easily be removed out of the freezer and not stick together. Freezer bags are great to freeze tortillas in because they can lay flat and take up less space while also keeping the toralla in good condition by keeping air out. 

If you don’t have any freezer bags then a freezer safe and airtight container will work just fine too. Just be sure to use parchment or wax paper between the tortillas so they don’t stick together and are easier to remove from the freezer

The article, How to Store Tortillas in the Freezer, Fridge and Room Temperature has many helpful tips on how to store tortillas. If you find yourself without freezer bags or airtight containers, then suggest another way to freeze tortillas. 

They state, “If you don’t have a plastic bag or an airtight container at your house, you can use pieces of cardboard. Cut the cardboard into flat pieces that can fit the tortillas. Place a layer of wax paper to keep them separated. 

Then, place one piece of cardboard on top and the other piece at the bottom of your tortilla stack. This will help keep the tortillas in shape. Next, use a cling film to seal the tortilla stack along with the cardboard. You can place this sealed package of tortillas into your freezer for storing the tortillas for about 3 to 4 weeks.” 

Use any of these ways to store your tortillas in the freezer to keep them good for up to 2 months.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Tortillas?

You bought a lot of tortillas for a party or just because they were on sale and needed to store them in the freezer to save for future use. When it is time to thaw the frozen tortillas you may be wondering what the best way to do so is. 

The process of thawing tortillas is fast and easy to do so you can use and enjoy them in no time.

You can thaw frozen tortillas by placing them in the refrigerator overnight. Another way to defrost the tortillas is to just place them in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time until they are warm or reheat them one side at a time in a skillet.

Quesadillas were on the menu for dinner and you needed tortillas to make that possible. So, you found yourself in the grocery store aisle picking up some tortillas to make the yummy food. 

Under the packages a sign read that they were on sale. Not being able to resist a good price you bought multiple packs of tortillas. 

Arriving home, you wonder how to save them so they don’t go bad. Then you remember that you can freeze the tortillas. 

After following the steps to freezing them properly you stack the tortillas in the freezer. Weeks later, it’s time to use them. You pull out some of the tortillas out of the freezer wondering how to thaw them.

Thawing tortillas is easy and quick. If you have stored the tortillas with parchment paper in between each one, then it is easy for you to remove the amount you need. 

Place the tortillas in the fridge overnight. You can thaw the tortillas for one or two nights if you need to. They will also heat up just fine in a microwave or in a skillet. 

Once they are thawed, place the tortilla wrapped in a paper towel in the microwave for a burst of 30 seconds until they are warm. Another option is to reheat the tortillas is by heating them in a preheated skillet and heating one side and then the next. 

Then you can enjoy the tortillas in whatever way you choose.  If you want to skip the thawing in the fridge step you can since tortillas can be defrosted while they are still frozen using either reheating steps.

Final Thoughts

Tortillas can be frozen to preserve them to eat later on. Package them correctly and label for best freezing results. 

Freezing is great to do if you need to save the tortillas longer than a couple of weeks. Tortillas can only be stored in the freezer for up to 2 months. After this, they will diminish in quality and not taste as good. 

Thawing the tortillas is easy. Just thaw overnight in the fridge, in the microwave or in a skillet. Then you can enjoy your tortillas for burritos or whatever you have planned for a delicious dinner. 

Freezing tortillas is a great way to save them to use in upcoming weeks or months.

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