Can You Freeze Tortellini?

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Tortellini is a type of Italian pasta that is traditionally stuffed for a tasty dish. The noodles of tortellini are ring shaped allowing them to be easily stuffed with meat, cheese, or vegetables. 

Sometimes it is even served in a capon broth. 

As a pasta lover you tend to cook a bunch at a time. If you have made a large amount of tortellini for your family or friends and have a lot left over from the meal, you could be wondering how to keep it good and not waste the yummy food. 

Can you freeze tortellini?

You can freeze tortellini to save it to use in upcoming weeks or months. Freezing tortellini will keep it good so you can enjoy eating it for a meal again later on.

Can You Freeze Tortellini?

Freezing food is a great way to keep it from going bad so you can save it for future meals. If you have made some tortellini pasta stuffed with meat and cheese and have not left over you don’t want to waste it. 

To save the tortellini for later just freeze it. Then you can just pop it out of the freezer, thaw it and enjoy more meals from the delicious Italian dish. 

If you have properly stored the tortellini then it will last in the freezer for 1 to 2 months. This is recommended for the best quality. 

The pasta will last for a little longer but the longer something is stored in the freezer the more quality is lost. This means it won’t taste as good when you eat it after it’s thawed and reheated or left in the freezer too long. 

Tortellini stored in the refrigerator will last for about 3 to 5 days. If you want the dish to last even longer, store it in the freezer. This will keep the pasta good for a couple of months if it is stored right. 

To freeze tortellini, grab some airtight containers and freeze the pasta in these. Or you can use freezer bags to freeze the tortellini in. Whichever works for you. 

If the tortellini is constantly kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit then it will remain safe indefinitely. But like I said before, over time it will lose quality and not taste as good as when you first made it. 

So, if you have a lot of tortellini that you want to save, freeze it!

Can Uncooked Tortellini Be Frozen?

So far, we have talked about freezing cooked tortellini. You can keep the pasta for a lot longer when it is stored in the freezer. But what about tortellini that is uncooked? Can you freeze this pasta?

You can freeze uncooked tortellini until you want to use it. Keep in mind that this method of storing is best for fresh tortellini. Dry tortellini can be stored at room temperature and does not have to be frozen. 

Tortellini can be used in all sorts of recipes. You can stuff them or put them in a soup. Mix them into a salad or stir fry. Or even make some yummy kebabs with the noodles. 

Originating in Italy, tortellini noodles are perfect for stuffing with meat, cheese, or veggies. You can fix the pasta any way you’d like. 

The dish is perfect for family dinners, parties, or get-togethers. Sometimes we end up with more pasta than we can eat especially if you grab a few extra packages on sale. 

Making your own tortellini is time consuming but can be fun and satisfying especially when they taste so great. If you end up with a lot of uncooked tortellini, just store it in the freezer.

You can freeze uncooked tortellini if you need to. This will help the pasta to last for 1 to 2 months. 

Dry tortellini doesn’t have to be frozen because it will stay good for up to a year just stored in the pantry. 

But let’s say you make your own or you end up with fresh tortellini. There may be a lot of it or maybe you just want to save it for later. 

You aren’t sure if you will be able to eat it all up in a few days so you don’t want the pasta to go to waste. Well, the good news is that you can store it in the freezer. 

Just be sure to put the noodles in airtight containers or freezer bags to keep them good and store them for a couple of months. 

Fresh tortellini is the most perishable so you will want to use it up in the next week or freeze it. Freezing will help keep it good longer and it is easy to heat up whenever you are cooking some stuffed tortellini for dinner.

Do You Have To Thaw Frozen Tortellini?

Freezing tortellini to save it for later is thrifty and saves you time and effort in the long run. After a few weeks when it’s time to fix it for dinner, do you have to thaw the noodles first before cooking them?

You don’t have to thaw tortellini noodles before boiling them. Just place in the boiling water and let this defrost and cook them.

Yes, that’s it! Just take out the noodles you want to cook, and drop them into boiling water. You may need to add an additional quart of water so that the temperature doesn’t drop when you add in the frozen pasta. 

The pasta can end up sticking together if the water takes too long to return to boiling. No matter the pasta, it can be cooked while still frozen. 

This saves you an extra step when preparing a delicious Italian meal.

Now, you will want to directly boil frozen fresh tortellini right away but frozen cooked tortellini can be kept in the refrigerator overnight. Then the next day you can take them out and reheat as usual. 

On a quick side note, don’t forget to label the bag of tortellini when you’re freezing it so you know when you placed it in there and when you need to eat it by. 

Then you can cook and eat it within a couple months for an enjoyable dinner that you have so thoughtfully saved in advance for.

Final Thoughts

Have a lot of leftover tortellini? Whether it is cooked or uncooked you can freeze the noodles to save them for future use. Just be sure to package them in an airtight container or freezer bag to keep them fresh, label the package and save them for up to 2 months in the freezer. 

Later on you will be able to just pull the pasta out of the freezer and cook for dinner. 

Frozen cooked tortellini can thaw in the fridge overnight while frozen fresh tortellini can be boiled right out of the freezer without defrosting them. 

Tortellini is delicious and you can save it for meals later on by storing it in the freezer.

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