Can You Freeze Taco Meat (That Has Been Cooked)?

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When you freeze food, you can help it to stay fresh and good until you want to eat it. Most food will last for months in the freezer until you want to take it out, thaw it, and heat it up for a meal. 

The method of freezing food to cook at a later date can save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. Just think, if you end up cooking more food than you are going to eat in the next week, freeze it! 

This will also save you time because if you are in a hurry there will be a bag of food in the freezer that can be thawed and eaten without much work at all. 

Taco meat is no exception. You can freeze taco meat so it can be enjoyed for dinner on a later date. Does this mean you can freeze taco meat that has been cooked too?

You can freeze cooked taco meat to keep it good until you want to eat it. The cooked meat should last 2-3 months before it will start to lose a bit of its taste. 

Can You Freeze Taco Meat (That Has Been Cooked)?

After you have cooked your taco meat, let it cool completely before you freeze it. Once it is cooled, measure it out into freezer bags. 

Remove all the air from the bag before you seal it. Then seal and label the bag with the current date so you know when it was placed in the freezer. 

When you want to thaw the cooked taco meat just pull it out of the freezer and let it thaw in the refrigerator overnight.

Another way you could thaw the taco meat is to run the bag under cold water until it is loosened enough to where you can dump it out of the bag. 

By freezing the meat in advance you have saved yourself time and effort. You don’t have to spend time cooking the taco meat and putting all the ingredients together because you already did that. 

All you have to do now is heat the taco meat on the stovetop or in the microwave and you are ready to eat!

How Long Does Cooked Taco Meat Last In The Freezer? 

You have properly stored your cooked taco meat in a Ziplock freezer bag and are happy knowing it is there when you need it. How long will the cooked taco meat last in the freezer though? 

Cooked taco meat will last about 2 to 3 months in the freezer. It will still be safe even after that period of time, but some of the quality will be lost.

It is said that cooked ground beef that is kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit will keep indefinitely. Over time however, the meat will lose some of its quality. Its taste and texture will slowly diminish but it is still safe to eat whenever you like as long as it is stored properly. 

It is recommended to eat the frozen taco meat within 2 to 3 months for the best quality.

It’s easier on you to freeze the extra meat you have so you can just pull it out of the freezer and heat it up. Make sure you properly prepare and store the taco meat. 

Freezing helps to keep the meat good. You should try to eat it within a month or two because after this time, it will lose some of its quality. It is still safe to eat it after this time but may not be as good.

Can You Freeze Meat That Has Already Been Cooked? 

If you have cooked meat and realize that it is too much for you to consume that day or even that week, can you freeze it? What if you cook meat in advance so you can save time later and just heat it up? 

Can you freeze meat that has already been cooked?

You can freeze meat that has already been cooked. It is safe to freeze unused cooked meat or poultry but it should be eaten in a few months. 

They have a sale at your local grocery store. So not wanting to miss out, you purchased two and maybe even three packages of meat or poultry for a cheaper price. At your house, you decide to fix it all in one setting to save you time in the future.

 After your cooking is done, you wonder if all of this meat can be frozen so you can pull it out in a month or two for a quick and easy dinner. Yes, it can! It will still be good.

You grab a Ziplock freezer bag and place the cooked meat into the bag. With a marker you write the current date on the bag and place it in the freezer. By keeping the cooked meat or poultry in a freezer bag you aren’t taking up a lot of space especially if the meat will be in there for a month or two. 

It is best to use the meat up within a few months. 

And there you go! You are set for a dinner later on that will still be delicious and easy to heat up.

Can You Freeze Cooked Ground Meat? 

One safety rule in cooking food is that if you thaw meat, you have to cook it. You don’t want to risk bacteria building up and making you or someone else that eats it sick. If the meat has only been thawed in the refrigerator for a short time is it okay to refreeze it? 

So can you freeze cooked ground meat?

You can freeze cooked ground meat. As long as the meat is completely cooked feel free to place it in the freezer to be used later.

Remember that it loses moisture every time you refreeze it though so thawing and regressing multiple times is not recommended. 

After the ground beef has been cooked with no pink left in the middle you can freeze it. Remember that the freezing princess may alter the consistency of the meat after it is thawed.

 Frozen ground meat can be dry or just not taste as good as when it is freshly made. It will still be good to eat though. 

Still, it is recommended that you use frozen and cooked ground beef in soups or stews since texture doesn’t matter a lot in these kinds of recipes.

There are certain ways to thaw the meat when you are going to be fixing it after it’s frozen. For frozen raw meat, you can use the microwave to defrost it until it is no longer frozen and then cook as you’d like. Or you can submerge the bag in cold water, changing the water out every 30 minutes to make sure it defrosts at a cold temperature. 

Thawing the cooked ground meat is simpler since all you need to do is heat it up on the stovetop or in the microwave, add to any recipe you like and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

You can freeze taco meat! If you end up making too much, or you want to prepare some in advance, you can put it in the freezer for a few months until you want to use it. 

This tip might just make your cooking a little easier. Enjoy your taco recipes months after cooking it by  just pulling that frozen bag of the meat out of the freezer and heating it up. 

Now you have a delicious dinner that was easy and quick to prepare.

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