Can You Freeze Plums?

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On a hot summer day, it’s always nice to be able to reach into the freezer for a nice frozen treat that will set your taste buds running and give you a pause of relief from the heat to cool your body down. One of the best parts of summer is the abundance of fresh fruit available in a local farmer’s market or grocery store. 

Of course you can also go to an orchard yourself and pick them so you can experience the joy of knowing that you worked for your food. 

Of all the fruits that are out there, plums are a definite favorite in our house. The juices that will slide down your chin after biting into a perfectly ripe plum is just the icing on the cake of perfection! 

Of course, if you want to have plums longer than when it’s in season, you will probably be wondering if you can freeze plums.

Plums can be frozen but you will want to clean, slice and pit them before you freeze them. Plums will need to be flash frozen first on a tray and then placed in freezer bags or containers. 

With cool and refreshing treats just wanting to be eaten, put inside a smoothie, infused in a drink, or freshly squeezed for their juice, fruit has an abundance of uses and ways to be enjoyed. Eating fruit raw or baking it is of course a wonderful way to devour it. . 

Frozen fruit can be used if you want to make a cold drink for a smoothie. You can always infuse fruit in water to get a different and refreshing taste for a drink. Then there’s juicing a fruit so all you get is the juice available. 

These are just a few ways to be able to enjoy fruit year round!

Some people love to pluck fruit right from the freezer for whatever use is needed. Some like to eat frozen fruit for a special treat. Others just want to preserve the amazing taste that fruit offers at a different time when it’s not in season. 

But even I will admit, freezing plums isn’t the most popular thing to do but it can be done.

How To Freeze Plums

Freezing plums is very easy to accomplish and it only takes four simple steps. 

1) You will want to make sure the plums you wish to use are fresh. Feel free to bite into one just to make sure that they are at that perfect taste. I call it the cook’s payment for doing the work! 

2) You will want to rinse, cut, and pit the plums into wedges. Keeping the skin on is totally up to you. Either way is perfectly fine. 

3) You will need to place the plums on a tray that’s lined with plastic wrap or parchment paper and space them out. You will then flash freeze the plums on the tray for about an hour. Just until they are firm or solid. 

4) Once the hour is finished, check to see that they are solid. You can then remove them from the tray and place them in ziplock freezer bags. You will need to make sure that the bags are sealed correctly and no air is locked inside to prevent freezer burn.

If you choose to freeze plums, you do need to keep in mind that they are good for up to 6 months in the freezer. After that, it’s not a guarantee that they will keep their fresh taste or even keep from freezer burn. 

Frozen plums are perfect for that winter treat you’re craving when they are no longer in season. Or even just to eat them as a refreshing take on popsicles. 

Freezing plums is easy and can be accomplished using very little time and energy. There are a variety of ways to eat a plum, but freezing them for future use is definitely a way to enjoy them year round.

10 Things To Do With A Lot Of Plums

If you have plum trees in your yard, or even a plum orchard, what do you do with all the plums? Of course there’s always the option to sell them, but that’s not a guarantee that they will all be picked and used. 

Having bushels of plums just waiting to be used can cause a big problem. It can attract rodents, bugs, or they might even rot as they are waiting. So what can you do with all the plums you have? 

Personally, I love to bake. So here are several ways you can use plums and enjoy them when you have. Any extras. 

1) You can make a spiced plum custard cake! Oh my word! This looks so cute so it also has the option of being decorated for a party or family dinner. It’s a perfect blend of some spice, some sweetness, and a creamy custard texture that’s sure to get the taste buds moving.

2) You can try an upside down plum cake. You’ve heard of upside down pineapple cake, so this is just a little twist using plums.

3) Plum cobbler is so simple and such an enjoyable use of plums. Just don’t forget the vanilla ice cream to go with it as it’s served! Seriously pretty awesome!

4) If you love asian food, you may have heard of plum sauce. Making your own homemade plum sauce blends the perfect amount of plums, brown sugar, ginger, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and red pepper flakes. How amazing to mix sweet with sour and use it for your asian inspired meal.

5) Plum jam and plum chutney are pretty similar, yet both are unique in their own ways. Both are great to use as a delicacy for a cheese board or even if you like it on bread.

6) Plum fruit leather is a great way to keep the hunger pains away. Although they won’t fill you up, they will hopefully hold you over until your next meal. Making them yourself without the refined sugar also is a positive in keeping with a better lifestyle.

7) Plum barbecue sauce is just another unique way you can use plums to make a good meal even better! Adding this to the table will give your family or guests an opportunity to whet their appetites for more.

8) Honey roasted plums using thyme and olive oil is a great side dish that you won’t easily forget once you’ve tried it. This brings out the natural juices and makes it an amazing addition to any table.

9) Plum sorbet is an awesome treat that requires only a few ingredients. The rich color and delicious taste is sure to make you want to make a ton to keep in your freezer for future dates with dessert.

10) Polish potato plum dumplings is a dish that is actually versatile in it’s uses. It can be used as a side dish, or sprinkle some sugar on top and it’s a dessert. Best part about this dish is it can be eaten at any time of day – even breakfast! 

Win-win in my opinion.

With these different ways to use plums, you won’t have to worry about how you will use an excess of plums. If your taste buds aren’t salivating right now with these different suggestions, then personally I’m out of ideas! 

These are just a few ways that having plums in easy reach can be used to make a normal day that much brighter.

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