Can You Freeze Peaches? (Whole / Without Blanching / Without Sugar?)

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Did your peach tree produce way too many peaches for you to use? Or maybe you were given a bucket full from your friend who grows them. Perhap you even bought a lot of peaches in hopes of keeping them to eat later when your taste buds were calling for the juicy, sweet fruit. 

Peaches now decorate corners in your kitchen or take up space in the refrigerator. To make them last longer, can you freeze these peaches?

You can freeze peaches and the best way to freeze these yummy fruits is to peel and slice them before you place them in the freezer. Peaches will last for six to twelve months in the freezer and can be taken out at any time to be enjoyed.

Freezing peaches can preserve all the flavors you love about the fruit and they can be thawed quickly for a delicious snack.

Yay! That’s exciting news. You can now store your peaches in the freezer knowing they won’t go bad and will still have lots of flavor when you want to eat them in the upcoming weeks and months. 

After slicing and peeling your peaches you will need to put them in a freezer bag and make sure no air is left in the bag. This will prevent freezer burn from forming and ruining the taste of your precious peaches.

You will also only want to freeze ripe peaches. To know if they are ripe, they will feel a little heavy and will give slightly when touched. You can slice the peaches and see for sure if they are ripe. 

You should then add some lemon to keep them from browning and add a little bit of sugar to bring out the juices of the fruit. Storing them in freezer bags will help them to lay flat so you can add more bags into the freezer. 

Can You Freeze Peaches Whole? 

You have a busy life. Juggling all the things every day brings, you may not have time to cut the many peaches laying on your counter. You don’t want them to go bad so what do you do? 

If you don’t have the time to slice then peaches to freeze them you can freeze them whole.

You can freeze peaches whole. Just wrap them up first and place them in the freezer.

A skinned and sliced frozen peach will be able to be used in more ways than one that is frozen whole however.They will also take up less space in your freezer. 

But if you need to just pop them in the frigid temperature to save for later without them going bad, you can. They may need to be used sooner however since they won’t last as long when frozen whole.

It is a good idea to peel the peaches first so you have more time to use them. But you can leave the skin on during freezing. Instead of peeling them, you can blanch them. 

I will discuss later on in this article how exactly to blanch the fruit. 

If you will use the peaches in the next couple weeks and prefer to leave the skin on, you can wrap them up and place in the freezer whole.

Can You Freeze Peaches Without Blanching? 

You just want to leave the skin on your peaches and freeze them this way. Blanching them just takes up a lot of time. Plus you will probably want to cut and slice them after.

Is it possible not to blanch the peaches first? 

You do not have to blanch the peaches you want to freeze. If you are leaving the skin on them you can skip this step.

If you want to skip the blanching step in the freezing process, the best way to do so is to go ahead and slice them leaving the skin on the fruit. This will make it easier for you to defrost them and use them right away in baking or other “peachy” recipes. 

If you add natural and unsweetened apple juice and a little bit of lemon, to your bag of peaches it will help keep them juicy and from browning. Make sure the air is completely out of the bad and freeze until you want to use them. 

These peaches will last about six to twelve months in the freezer.

Blanching the peaches before freezing them will prolong their life in the freezer so you can use them many months after being frozen. 

To blanch them, drop the peaches into a large pot of boiling water for a few seconds and then remove and drop into a bowl of cold ice water. The skin of the peach easily slips free from the fruit so you don’t have to take the time to peel them. 

Now you can slice the peaches and freeze. 

Blanching also helps to lock in flavor and keeps the peaches fresh longer. It keeps the color of their fruit while protecting its taste and texture. 

So your peaches will still taste great after “thawed” from being frozen.

Can You Freeze Peaches Without Sugar? 

Freezing peaches is great because you can enjoy them all year long, not just in the summer. You can make that delicious peach pie for Chirtsmas with ripe and juicy peaches. 

But maybe you don’t want to use any sugar when freezing the fruit. Can you freeze them without putting sugar in the bag?

You can freeze peaches without sugar. Although freezing them with sugar will provide you with sweeter fruit, It’s healthier not to use it.

Sometimes you just want some peaches to put into smoothies or recipes. When you freeze peaches with sugar, you get sweeter tasting fruit because the sugar releases the peaches’ juices. If you want a healthier option and to stay away from sugar, use some lemon juice when freezing the fruit. 

This will help keep its color good without going brown and will also maintain its quality.

Vitamin C can also be used to keep the peaches in good condition in the freezer without using sugar. Just grind it up and put it in the freezer bag along with the fruit or sprinkle them with it if they are laid out on a baking sheet. 

The ground Vitamin C will help to preserve the peaches so you don’t have to use lemon juice or sugar. Then flash freeze the fruit on a baking sheet until frozen and transfer to a freezer bag.

Final Thoughts

Peaches can be enjoyed and eaten all year long thanks to freezing them. They can be frozen whole, without blanching, and even without sugar. Properly freeze them by using all the ways mentioned in this article to keep the peaches fresh and yummy for months. 

By freezing the peaches you can use them in so many recipes whenever you want. Just take them out of the freezer and defrost in the refrigerator for several hours and use them however you wish. 

Freezing peaches will preserve them so they will still taste juicy and sweet even after being frozen. 

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