Can You Freeze English Muffins?

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can start out your day with a full belly and energy to tackle any task that comes your way. 

Eggs, pancakes, sausage all make up the meal you enjoy eating at the beginning of your morning. But a true breakfast just wouldn’t be complete without an English muffin. 

Just spread a little bit of butter and jam on that wonderful tasting piece of bread and you have yourself a delicious meal. 

English muffins are filling and compliment almost any topping imaginable. You can even create a sandwich by placing some sausage and cheese in between the two halves of this delightful bread. 

Being an English muffin lover you always like to grab a few extra bags of the bread to have them on hand when you are craving them. To make them last longer, can you freeze English muffins?

You can freeze English muffins so you have them available when you want to enjoy one for your breakfast or anytime! However, you will want to wrap them individually so they are airtight before freezing them. 

Can You Freeze English Muffins?

You can save your package of English muffins to use weeks or even months later. There is a certain way you want to freeze the round pieces of sourdough bread. 

But I will come back to that and discuss it in more detail a little bit later. For now, it is interesting to know about where English muffins originated. 

Way back in the year 1874, a man by then name of Samuel Bath Thomas (sound familiar yet?) emigrated to New York City where he invented the English muffin. Using his mothers recipe, by 1880 he had his own bakery where he made a bread similar to toast but better. 

These were soft and spongy before they were baked. They became an alternative to toast and featured a bunch of nooks and crannies which when toasted became perfectly crisped and made for a great texture to hold jam, jellies and even eggs. 

Thomas’ business of making English muffins grew and Thomas’ English Muffins became a favorite breakfast food. When you head to your local grocery store to pick up a package of English muffins you will notice the brand name at the top spelling out Thomas (told you that sounded familiar). 

English muffins are quite tasty and just like years ago are still a popular breakfast food. Jams, jellies, eggs, sausage, and well, anything you want can adorn this bread for a wonderful treat. 

If you are into buying multiple packages (maybe you found a really good sale you just couldn’t resist) at once to save for later, you can freeze them! This way if you think an English muffin sounds great for breakfast or even a snack that day all you have to do is head on over to your refrigerator to get one.

What Is The Best Way To Freeze English Muffins?

That package of English muffins you just bought on sale, you can freeze them! Now, you don’t want to just stick the whole thing in the freezer, so what is the best way to freeze english muffins?

English muffins freeze well and the best way to freeze them is to wrap each one individually and place it a freezer bag to store for up to 3 to 6 months.

Let’s dive right in to how to freeze this breakfast bread. Before you do anything, let them cool down. This is especially important for those who are freezing homemade English muffins. For store bought ones, you should freeze these as soon as possible. 

Ok, so now do you want to freeze them whole or sliced? Slicing them beforehand may make fixing them a little easier on you later on. If you are wanting to make a sandwich out of them, by all means do this now and freeze it all together. 

You can do this safely and it will be much easier after the fact to just grab it out of the freezer and heat. 

So, in order to freeze English muffins, it is recommended to wrap each individual piece separately. This is going to protect it from freezer burn and keep it a lot fresher than just putting the entire package in the freezer. 

Once you have each English muffin wrapped, you can now transfer them over into freezer bags, remove as much air as you can and then seal it up. 

Store them in the coldest area of the freezer and keep them away from any strong smelling food (you don’t want them to take on those odors). And there you go! 

If you have followed these steps, the frozen English muffins should stay good for weeks and months ahead (3 to 6 months to be exact).

Can You Freeze Store Bought English Muffins? 

If you are all about making your own English muffins, I applaud you. This takes time and work but results in some amazing tasting bread. For those of us who choose an easier route and buy English muffins at the store, can you freeze those?

You can freeze store bought English muffins the same way you freeze homemade English muffins. They will still be good for months in the freezer as long as they are wrapped properly. 

If you have never experienced the delightful taste of an English muffin, first of all, you are missing out. Secondly, you probably aren’t sure what they are. 

Well, despite their name, English muffins are not a muffin at all. They are small, round, flat loaves that you toast. So similar to toast but better tasting. 

Then you can top the English muffins with anything you please and enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, and maybe even dinner. Usually they are eaten with butter, jam, marmalade, honey, or salty additives. 

Eggs can also be eaten with English muffins hence the breakfast recipe Benedict eggs where these pieces of bread are used as a base for a poached egg, bacon and sauce.

Store bought English muffins can be frozen by using the steps mentioned earlier in this article. They will stay good for 6 months although it is recommended you eat them before 3 months of storing them in the freezer. 

When it comes time to thaw them, You can just pop them in a toaster or oven and they will be ready in a matter of minutes. Or you can leave them out on the counter or place them in the refrigerator to thaw. 

For heating the English muffins you can use anything from an oven or toaster to the microwave to warm up the food so you can eat it.

Final Thoughts

Bought a lot of English muffins? Store them safely by freezing them. This way you can have an English muffin whenever you like. 

Remember to wrap them individually and store in a freezer bag to keep them tasting fresh and delicious.  

When you want to eat one, all you have to do is take it out of the freezer and pop it into a toaster and you are all set. You can freeze English muffins so you always have these small loaves of nooks and cranny filled delights available for you to enjoy breakfast a little more.

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