Can You Freeze Avocados?

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Avocados are full of vitamins and minerals that are healthy for your body. They are delicious in so many ways, including on sandwiches or mashed for guacamole. Avocados tend to go bad quickly so it is hard to stock up on the fruit. 

Can you freeze avocados to help them last longer?

You can freeze avocados for them to last longer and to be used later. However freezing them may affect their quality.

When you freeze avocados it can affect it in different ways. Avocados have healthy fats and fiber and are rich in nutrients. Freezing them may reduce their levels of water-soluble vitamins. 

It is not known how many vitamins are actually lost from the fruit but there will be some especially if they are stored in the freezer for an extended period of time. 

Nutrients are also lost in fresh produce over time so the reduction in nutrients from freezing avocados isn’t that big of a concern for most people. 

An avocado is smooth and creamy and when you freeze them, the moisture the fruit contains expands and can make it slimy, watery and mushy. An avocado such as this will not be good and will have an unpleasant texture if you are going to eat it by itself. 

However, it can be used in a smoothie or for guacamole. Avocados are normally pureed or cut into halves or chunks exposing them to air when they are frozen or thawed causing them to brown. 

Freezing in general will not affect the fruit’s flavor so avocados are still good after being frozen.

How Do You Store Avocados In The Freezer? 

When you want to keep your extra avocados for future use, store them in the freezer! You can thaw them whenever you’d like and they will already be on hand when you are craving the green fruit. 

How do you prepare the avocados to be frozen?

You can store avocado in the freezer whole or sliced but they must be stored in sealed containers.

If you want to store the avocado in the freezer, first make sure the avocado is ripe. You can put the fruit in the freezer whole but it is good to put the whole thing in a sealed container first so it won’t take on any of the frozen smells or flavors. 

Halving the avocado is another way to freeze them. Just scoop out the center onto a baking sheet and don’t slice it. Freeze them overnight then remove them from the tray and transfer the fruit into a sealed container. 

You can also brush them with lemon or lime juice to prevent them from browning. 

There are some things you can do to reduce the browning of the avocado when freezing it. You can brush them with lemon juice or vinegar before freezing and seal them completely. This may change the taste slightly of the avocado.

You can also freeze mashed or pureed avocado. Add some lemon juice and put it into an ice cube tray to freeze overnight. Then transfer them to a sealed container and back into the freezer. 

Whole avocados will last six months in the freezer. Halved and mashed avocados will last three months frozen.

Do Frozen Avocados Taste Good? 

Frozen avocados are always nice to have on hand for some avocado toast or smoothies. Millennials love their avocados, plus they are healthy for you. 

So if you have stocked up on some of these fruits in your freezer will they still taste good after being thawed?

Avocado still tastes great after being frozen and can be used for all kinds of recipes.

When you are thawing the avocado, don’t thaw them overnight because it will make them mushy. Instead thaw them on the counter for one to three hours. 

Then you can carefully cut them open and use them however you wish. 

Some frozen avocados may not be good if you are putting it on a salad or grain bowl. Their texture will be different and they will have a hard time blending with the other ingredients.

Frozen avocado is good to use in smoothies or milkshakes. They are also good mashed up and spread on toast with an egg as the topping. You can also use the frozen avocado for guacamole. 

The texture doesn’t matter too much since the fruit is mixed in with so many other ingredients. Many stores sell a bag of frozen avocado so you don’t have to go through the task of picking out ripe ones and slicing them yourself. 

That part is already done for you.

Can You Cut Up Avocados And Freeze Them? 

You found some avocados on sale and purchased many knowing you could store them in the freezer to use months from now. Deciding to just go ahead and cut them up now you’re wondering if you can freeze cut avocados?

You can cut up avocados and freeze them. Just make sure to brush it with lemon or lime juice to prevent it from browning.

All you have to do to freeze the cut avocados is to slice them in half then peel and seed them. Then, brush them with the lemon and lime juice. 

You can then wrap plastic wrap around each half and place it in a freezer bag making sure all the air is completely out of the bag. Now you can remove them from the freezer whenever you want some, thaw, and enjoy your tasty avocados!

If you love avocados then buying them in bulk and freezing them will save you time and money in the long run. If there is a sale you can buy several and freeze them to eat later. 

If you want an avocado that day you can just grab one and let it sit for a few hours to thaw and then enjoy it without spending the time driving to the store to buy some ripe ones.

Final Thoughts

Freezing avocado is a great way to always have them on hand when you need to make a recipe with the fruit. They will still taste good after being frozen and can be used in many ways. 

You can freeze them whole, halved, or mashed to be used however you want later on. 

Avocados are healthy and are rich in nutrients and vitamins. You should wait until they are just turning ripe to freeze them so you can enjoy this favorite food whenever you’d like.

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