Can You Eat Pizza Rolls Raw / Cold / Frozen?

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Pizza rolls are great for a quick and easy lunch or dinner. They can be tossed in a  preheated oven for a few minutes, thrown in a toaster oven, or even cooked in an air fryer. Once they are cooked and cooled, you can then enjoy these breaded pizza pockets. 

But what if you don’t have any way of heating them up? Can you eat pizza rolls when they are raw, cold, or frozen?

Pizza rolls can be eaten straight out of the bag (raw, cold, frozen). Since they are precooked snacks full of preservatives this is safe to do. However, you may not want to because they taste a lot better heated up.

It isn’t recommended to eat raw, cold, or frozen pizza rolls. Although it can be done, there are a few reasons why you should not be eating them cold. We will discuss these later on in this article. 

Still, you should know that eating the pizza filled snacks raw, cold, or frozen isn’t the best idea. They just aren’t going to taste good at all. So to not end up wasting them, just heat them up. 

An oven can heat your pizza rolls up nice and crispy. You can even just stick them in the microwave for a few minutes. This will result in a more soggy pizza roll, but they will taste better than trying to eat them frozen. 

Pizza rolls can be eaten without cooking them since they are precooked but it is highly recommended to heat them up before you eat them so you can enjoy the delicious snacks.

Is It Safe To Eat Frozen Pizza Rolls?

Pizza rolls are made of breaded tomato sauce, meat and cheese. They are like little rolled up pieces of pizza. They are quick to heat and make an easy and yummy meal for either lunch or dinner. 

Although it isn’t recommended, you can eat pizza rolls cold. Obviously this won’t taste very good and not be as appetizing as a hot pizza roll. But, let’s dive a little deeper and answer the question, is it safe to eat frozen pizza rolls?

Pizza rolls are so full of preservatives that it is said that they are safe to eat them right out of the bag. But this is discouraged since frozen pizza rolls won’t taste good at all and could possibly make you sick.

As you can see, you can eat pizza rolls uncooked. But, it is recommended to heat up pizza rolls before eating them. Many people get sick from eating “ready-to-eat ” frozen foods. While this may not happen, it could. 

Since pizza rolls are precooked with a lot of preservatives, it is said that you can eat them if they aren’t cooked but think, will they taste good? 

All hard and cold with no flavor? No, they won’t. 

So, if you want a yummy snack, heat up your pizza rolls. You can heat them up in many different ways. You can use an oven, toaster oven, air fryer, or microwave to turn those cold miniature pizza pockets into hot delicious snacks that taste like little bites of pizza. 

Keep in mind that it is better to use an oven, toaster oven, or air fryer to cook pizza rolls because they will make them more enjoyable with a crispy breading. A microwave will make them soggy. 

Still, it is much better to heat them up in some way to eat them. 

Can You Eat Thawed Frozen Pizza Rolls?

It is important to note what the pizza rolls company suggests about cooking their product. This is especially true as you don’t want to end up making yourself or others sick. 

So, can you eat thawed frozen pizza rolls?

Pizza rolls are mostly fried or baked before they are packaged so you can eat them thawed. But, once they reach 41 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria will begin to grow. So, you can only eat thawed pizza rolls in the first 4 hours of thawing them.

As far as storing pizza rolls, you should only store them in the freezer. It’s not safe to store them in the fridge because they should stay frozen. When properly stored, pizza rolls last for a long time. 

If you are thawing them they only last at room temperature for about 4 hours. When a pizza roll goes bad, you will know. It will be discolored and smell or taste weird. 

If you think a pizza roll is bad, toss it in the trash and don’t eat it. Now, if you want to leave pizza rolls out at room temperature to thaw, you can, but make sure you eat them within a few hours. 

Bacteria can begin to grow on foods after they reach 41 degrees Fahrenheit. If you reheat them after this then they can last for a couple hours more but they will have lost some of their quality and taste. 

You can eat thawed pizza rolls if they are still in the safe zone.

Final Thoughts

You can eat pizza rolls, raw, cold, or frozen. But, this isn’t the best idea. First, even though they are precooked there is still a chance you could get sick. Second, they will taste awful. And third, you want to enjoy those little beaded pizza field snacks. 

It is said that it is fine to eat pizza rolls cold but it isn’t recommended. 

Even if the manufacturer instructs you to heat the pizza rolls before eating them, you can eat thawed pizza rolls but only if they don’t reach a temperature above 41 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature bacteria grows and can make you sick. 

So, the best way to eat pizza rolls is to heat them up first. You can eat raw, cold, or frozen pizza rolls, but why when you can enjoy hot, cheesy and delicious pizza rolls instead? 

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