Can You Eat Pepperoni Raw?

Last updated on August 29th, 2022 at 09:53 pm

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Made from slices of a beef and pork mix (unless the package specifies it is 100 percent beef), pepperoni is enjoyed by many. With strong and spicy flavors, it is a favorite pizza topping. 

Did you know that pepperoni is the most popular pizza topping? And these thin slices of meat aren’t used just for pizza. 

Along with topping pizzas, pepperoni is also used in a variety of dishes, to fill sandwiches, or even eaten alone as a snack. But, this can prompt the question, can you eat pepperoni raw?

Though usually cooked on pizza, you can eat pepperoni raw if you like. This is because pepperoni is cured and fermented, killing bacteria and making raw pepperoni safe to eat. So, yes, you can safely enjoy raw pepperoni as a snack.

Can You Eat Pepperoni Raw?

Pepperoni is made from a mixture of beef and pork. If you know much about meats and how they should be cooked, you know that pork cannot be eaten raw. It could contain harmful bacteria which can make you sick. 

When you cook pork, you kill this bacteria making it safe to consume. So, since pepperoni is made with some pork, can you eat it raw? The answer to this is yes which is confusing to many people. 

To explain, pepperoni is cured and fermented before it is packaged meaning that it isn’t really “raw”. Although it may seem this way since it isn’t cooked before you eat it. 

During the curing and fermenting process, any bacteria that is in the pepperoni is killed. This means that it is safe to eat the pepperoni “raw”. You can safely enjoy pepperoni slices straight from the bag and it doesn’t have to be cooked because it has undergone the curing and fermenting process. 

This curing process has gotten rid of any harmful bacteria in the meat. So, yes, you can eat pepperoni raw.

What Happens If You Eat Raw Pepperoni?

Pepperoni is a strong tasting and spicy flavored meat that is sliced very thinly. It is usually used to top pizza which is then cooked. 

But, what happens if you eat pepperoni raw?

Eating pepperoni raw is safe and won’t hurt you. Before it is packaged, any bacteria is killed so you can eat it right out of the package. Nothing will happen to you if you eat raw pepperoni.

You usually see pepperoni on pizzas which are cooked before you eat them. But, if you want to eat pepperoni raw, say on a sandwich or straight from the bag, you can. This is because pepperoni is cured and fermented, killing any bacteria that could have been contaminating it, making it safe for consumption. 

Pepperoni contains lactic acid which is obtained from curing and fermenting the meat. During this process, the meat is dried up, cured, and any bacteria that it has is killed. 

The lactic acid it has is then able to prevent the growth of bacterias. All that to say, you can eat pepperoni raw and nothing will happen to you.

Is Uncooked Pepperoni Healthy?

So, pepperoni can be eaten “raw”. It is safe to consume it because of the curing and fermenting process the meat went through to kill any bacteria that could have been contaminating it. 

But, is eating uncooked pepperoni healthy for you?

Just like other processed meats, pepperoni isn’t healthy to consume regularly. When eaten in moderation, it is fine but if eaten in excessive amounts you could be causing health issues.

Eating uncooked pepperoni is safe. Like I mentioned earlier in this article during its curing and fermentation process, bacteria is killed. So, if you are wanting a quick snack, that package of pepperoni is fine to eat without cooking it first.

Unfortunately pepperoni is full of ingredients that aren’t good for your body. Although it is okay to eat every once in a while, you should not eat pepperoni all of the time. 

It is a processed food containing many unhealthy additives. Pepperoni is tasty and great on pizza or even eaten alone, but no, pepperoni isn’t exactly healthy.

Final Thoughts

You can eat pepperoni raw. This is safe because the meat is cured and fermented killing any bacteria that may have contaminated it. 

Although pepperoni is usually topping pizzas which are then cooked, it is okay to eat the slices from the bag alone or in a sandwich. 

Now, even though you can eat pepperoni raw doesn’t mean you should eat a lot of it. It is still a processed meat containing some unhealthy ingredients which can cause health problems so eat pepperoni in moderation. 

These strong and spicy tasting thin slices of meat are delicious and if you want to eat “raw” or uncooked pepperoni, you can.

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