Can You Eat Olive Oil Raw Or By Itself?

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In Roman culture, olive oil served many purposes. The Romans would use olive oil to cleanse themselves, as an ingredient added to perfumes, as a fuel source for lighting, as oil for massages, for religious rituals, and even as medicine. 

Some Romans believed that drinking olive oil would add years to your life. 

Many other cultures from centuries past enjoyed the many benefits that come from olive oil. Cleopatra was known to bathe in olive oil for glowing skin. The Greeks would use olive oil in their cooking and serve it at almost every meal. 

Can you eat or drink just olive oil? Is it bad to eat olive oil by itself? 

You can eat/drink olive oil by itself. Olive oil has many health benefits that you can receive. It’s said that some Mediterraneans drink ¼ cup of olive oil every morning. Some people believe that drinking/eating olive oil can detox your body, aid in weight loss, and help soothe your stomach. 

There is no scientific proof to back up the claims that drinking olive oil is better than just adding it to your meal. You can choose to drink your olive oil or add it to a meal instead depending on which you prefer. 

Are There Health Benefits To Olive Oil? 

Olive oil has been around for centuries. It is believed that Cleopatra bathed in olive oil to achieve her “golden glow.” The Greeks believed that olives were a sacred fruit and they were the first to turn olives into olive oil. 

The Romans associated olive oil with elite status and also believed that drinking olive oil would add years to their lives. Were all these ancient cultures right? 

Are there benefits to using olive oil in various methods? 

Here are some of the many benefits you can see when you add olive oil to your daily life. 

  • Olive oil can help balance your cholesterol: Stress and diet are some of the key factors in determining your cholesterol levels. When too much cholesterol is in your body, it can end up clogging your veins and reduce circulation to your heart. Clogged veins and poor circulation can result in a heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, olive oil can help keep your cholesterol levels at bay. The antioxidants and monounsaturated fats that are in olive oil help naturally keep your cholesterol balanced. To make sure that you maintain a healthy level of cholesterol, you can add a tablespoon of olive oil to your meals. 
  • Olive oil can help prevent cardiovascular disease: Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death and should be a top priority for everyone. Taking care of your heart is one of the most important aspects of health. You can start making small adjustments to make sure that you are taking care of your heart to the best of your ability. One of these small adjustments could be going for a walk every day. Your walk doesn’t have to be too long, just long enough to get your heart pumping. You could also add olive oil to your meals for added heart health. You can add it to salads or use it on roasted veggies for a heart-healthy meal. 
  • Olive oil can help improve your metabolism: Having excellent metabolism is key to being and feeling healthy. Metabolism aids in your breathing, circulation, digestion, and brain function. If you are working with a slow metabolism, your body won’t work as efficiently as it could. You run the risk of getting an infection since your immune system won’t be working as well as it could be. Typically, diet and exercise are the key ways to increase your metabolism. However, the nutrients found in olive oil can also help improve your overall metabolic function. 
  • Olive oil can help improve gut health: When we eat too many processed foods or sugars our body can’t keep up. These foods create an inflammatory response in our intestinal tract. This inflammation can lead to infections or diseases like IBS. Since your intestines are inflamed, it can be very difficult for food to pass through easily and naturally. Olive oil’s nutrients can help fight this inflammation and restore gut health. 
  • Olive oil can aid in weight loss: The monounsaturated fats that are in olive oil digest in your body slowly. This allows a sustained release of energy from the olive oil. While most foods that you eat dissipate and dissolve quickly, the olive oil will help you feel fuller longer. Though the olive oil is released slowly, it won’t affect your blood sugar the same way a slow release of sugar would. 
  • Olive oil can give you glowing skin: Cleopatra believed that bathing in olive oil was good for her skin. Historians believe that her olive oil baths are why her skin was said to glow. Even today, many cosmetic companies will use olive oil in their products. Since olive oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can be great to use under your eyes to reduce any puffiness you might get from lack of sleep. Using olive oil on your skin regularly may reduce the appearance of wrinkles too. 

How Do You Add Olive Oil To Your Diet? 

If you are thinking that drinking olive oil in the morning doesn’t sound appetizing, you’re not alone. The best way to get the health benefits from olive oil would be to add it to your diet. If you are new to using olive oil, here are a few different ways you can start using it.

  • You can dip your bread in olive oil: Many authentic Italian and Mediterranean restaurants will bring out bread and dip for an appetizer. Typically, the dip that you are offered is olive oil. Instead of using butter for bread, you can use an olive oil dip. 
  • You can roast your veggies in olive oil: Next time you roast some veggies for dinner, use olive oil. If you’re used to roasting your veggies with butter or other oils, opt for olive oil instead. 
  • You can add olive oil to your salad: If you’re more of a ranch dressing person, this switch might seem drastic. Instead of using ranch, add some olive oil. You can also use olive oil to create a vinaigrette for your salads too. 

Final Thoughts

You can start getting the health benefits of olive oil today. Whether you decide to eat it or drink it raw, your body will thank you for all the nutrients. 

There are several health benefits to be had by adding olive oil to your meals so its definitely a good idea to incorporate it into your diet. 

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