Can Creamer Go In Tea?

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Tea is a popular and comforting drink. It is also the most consumed drink in the world. 

People from all over the world drink their tea in different ways. Some take it plain. Some people will add milk to their tea. Others will add sugar or honey. 

Can you use creamer in your tea? Does it taste good? 

You absolutely can use creamer in your tea and many people won’t drink tea without it. Creamer can be a nice additive to your tea as instead of using milk, sugar, or honey you can add your favorite flavored creamer to it. 

Most creamers are dairy free and are made with sugar or sugar substitutes, oils, and thickeners. Since most creamers do not contain dairy, they have a longer shelf life than milk, especially if you use a powdered creamer. 

There are so many different flavors of creamer to choose from so you can spice up your cup of tea in a variety of ways. You can pick up the pumpkin spice to add to it in the fall or grab the peppermint around Christmas. 

Of course, you have a wide selection of creamers to choose from the rest of the year as well.

How Do You Add Creamer To Hot Tea?

If you are wanting to try creamer in your tea you might be wondering what the best way to add it in would be. 

Personally I prefer to put the milk and creamer in the cup before the tea gets put in so it mixes as you add the tea. One downside to doing it this way is that you can easily add too much or too little creamer. 

There is a big debate on when milk and creamers should be added to tea. There is a theory going around that putting in the milk first started years ago in order to prevent the china cups that were being used from shattering from the heat of the tea. 

People would add milk into their cups before they added the hot tea, the hot tea would then cool down as it hit the cool milk preventing the cup from cracking. It is also said that people who were poor would put milk in first as that would help ease the bitterness of the cheaper teas that they were able to purchase. 

Then there are those who believe that milk or creamers should be added after the tea. This is so that you can determine the strength of the tea before adding in your milk or creamer. 

A stronger tea would be able to withstand having more creamer added than a weaker tea would. The amount of creamer that you add to your tea will depend greatly on how strong your tea is. 

When you add creamer to your tea really just comes down to your taste preferences. Once you add the amount of creamer that you want to your tea all you need to do is gently stir it. 

If you don’t want your tea to be cooled down when you add the creamer, you can warm your creamer up on the stove or even in the microwave. Heat the creamer the same way you would milk. 

Heating the creamer before adding it to your tea will keep your tea from cooling down as the creamer is added. 

Can You Warm Up Coffee Creamer?

Don’t want to add cold creamer to your hot beverage? Adding chilled creamer will cool down your hot drink but can you warm up coffee creamer?

Coffee creamer can be warmed up before adding it to your tea or coffee. However you have to be careful not to overheat it as then it may taste “off”. 

You can warm your coffee creamer up on the stove top in a small saucepan. Place the amount of creamer that you want in your drink into the pan and place it on a medium-low burner until it has heated up to the temperature that you desire. 

You can also heat up your creamer in the microwave. To warm your creamer in the microwave, place the amount of creamer that you want into a microwave safe cup. 

Microwave the creamer for 30 seconds then whisk the creamer until it becomes frothy. Now you can add it to your coffee or tea and you will have a delicious coffee shop style hot beverage.

Can You Put Milk In Tea?

If you don’t want to put creamer in your tea or don’t have any then you might be wondering if you can add milk instead. 

You can add milk to tea and doing so is actually quite popular. Most people prefer to add milk and also some sort of sweetener (like honey) into their hot tea. 

The debate comes down to when do you put your milk into the tea? 

Many believe that milk should be added before the tea, while others are adamant that it should be added after your tea is in the cup. There really is no right or wrong way to add milk to your tea. 

If I were to add milk to my tea I would wait until after the tea had been poured. Then I could judge exactly how much milk is needed to get the desired result. If I were to add the milk before the tea and the tea that was served was weaker than expected than the amount of milk that I had added beforehand might dilute the flavors of the tea too much. 

Can You Microwave Coffee With Creamer?

It is pretty easy to scald creamer and milk, especially when sugar is involved. Many of the creamers we use have a lot of sugar in them. 

If your coffee has been sitting all day or even overnight then it would be best to not reheat it since bacteria loves coffee. However, if your cup of coffee just went cold before you could drink it then you can safely reheat it even if it has creamer in it. 

The best way to reheat coffee is slowly. 

Coffee gets bitter the hotter it is which is why a lot of convenience store coffees are so bitter, they sit in the carafe all day heating up. 

If you want to heat up your coffee in the microwave you will need to do so in small spurts of time. You will want to reheat your coffee in 20 to 30 second intervals, stirring the coffee in between each interval until you have reached the desired temperature. 

Slowly reheating your coffee this way will keep the creamer that you have added to it from being scalded. 

Another way to reheat your coffee is to slowly reheat it on the stovetop. To do this you will want to use a small saucepan. 

Heat your coffee over a low heat if it has had creamer in it. You will want to stir it to keep it from scalding.

Coffee creamer can be used for more than just coffee. It is a delicious way to add flavor to any of your warm beverages.

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