Can You Make Cold Foam With Oat Milk? (Does It Froth?) Updated December 2022

Everyone loves a good frothy cold foam on top of their iced coffee. Many people have tried making cold foam themselves over the years and have found that whole milk, skim milk, nonfat milk, and even almond milk all work for cold foam. 

But is there a way to make that cold foam a little healthier? Are there any dairy-free alternatives?

Are you looking for an alternative to cold foam containing dairy milk? Have you ever wondered if you can make cold foam from oat milk?

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You absolutely can make cold foam from oat milk. It might not be the exact same consistency as cold foam containing dairy or be as quick to make, but it can be done with plant-based milk. 

Can You Make Cold Foam With Oat Milk? (Does It Froth?)

Cold foam is usually when your barista takes cold milk with a high dairy fat content and whips air into it by blender or hand immersion blender until it looks like a fluffy marshmallow and floats it on top of a coffee. 

Some people have tried using hot milk to whip into a foam to put on top of hot coffee drinks but it doesn’t work as well. Most commonly foam will be made and used on top of cold coffee drinks (like different iced coffee drinks) or even iced tea drinks. 

Since these are cold beverages the cold foam will hold its shape better than if you were to put cold foam on top of a hot coffee. With a hot drink the cold foam would quickly begin to melt into the drink and would quickly disappear. 

Dairy cream that is cold tends to froth faster and be more smooth and creamy due to its fat content and the fact that it has dairy proteins that tend to hold air bubbles better. 

Oat milk is basically oats soaked in water, so there is a lack of animal proteins, making the consistency of the cold foam not as creamy and the froth harder to achieve, but it can be done.

There are many ways to froth oat milk. For best results you will want to use a blender or electric milk frother, but other methods can be used such as hand whisking, shaking the oat milk in a mason jar until frothy, using a handheld frother, using an electric mixer with a whisk attachment or even using a French press.

Personally I think the best way to froth milk (or plant-based substitutes) is to use a handheld milk frother or hand mixer to make cold foam at home. Both of these are inexpensive options and are considerably easier than some of the other ways mentioned above. 

Easy Way To Make Cold Foam At Home

There are many different types and flavors of cold foam. There are also many different ways to make the perfect cold foam you desire! 

So what do you need to get started? 

Although it is surprising to many people you really don’t need a cold foam recipe (or any special coffee recipe) as the instructions on how to make it are incredibly simple. 

To make your own cold foam all you need to do is:

  • The first thing you need to do is decide which flavor you want your cold foam to be. Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, Peppermint, and Almond are common flavors to choose from.
  • Second, choose which appliance you have on hand to froth your cream!
  • Third, choose what type of creamer you want to use.

To make your desired cold foam flavor simply mix ⅓ cup of your chosen cream (or sweet cream) with ½ tsp (vanilla extract, vanilla syrup, or almond extract) or a single pump of Torani coffee flavor, and 1 tbsp of white granulated sugar. This recipe makes 1 personal coffee worth of cold foam. 

To mix, pour the ingredients into whichever appliance you have on hand. Most people use a blender or frothing wand, but it can be made by immersion blender, whisk, or hand shaking it in a jar. 

The cream will double in size, so make sure to leave room for it to expand in whichever container you use. Blend the cream until it has doubled in size, then dollop on top of your favorite drinks (or use it to make cool latte art). 

If you make a small amount (enough for only 1 cup of coffee), use an appliance that can froth a small amount of liquid like a  hand frother, whisk, or shake it in a jar. Larger appliances require a larger amount of liquid in them to even reach the blades. 

Can Cold Foam Be Premade And Stored In The Fridge?

Meal prepping is a must nowadays with long work schedules and running the kids to and from football and ballet recitals. So can you pre-make your coffee and cold foam and store it for the week just like meal prepping? 

You sure can!

Cold foam can be flavored, pre-frothed, and stored in the fridge. Cold foam tends to only hold its frothy foam for a few days though and may need another froth before adding it to your coffee. 

Depending on if you like your coffee hot or cold, prepping your coffee and toppings for the week might be a time saver. Some people make their own cold brew coffee in their fridge overnight then store it in a pourable container for on the go easy pouring in the mornings. 

Some may prefer a hot fresh brewed coffee every morning. 

My favorite time saver is cold brewing a large amount of coffee in a large jar overnight in the fridge, then removing the coffee grounds and saving the cold brew in an air proof drink container with a spout. It typically stays good for about one week. 

I also pre-mix my preferred flavor and sugar with half and half and mix really well and keep it un-frothed in a container in the fridge.

In the mornings I pour one cup of cold brew into a cup filled with ice, froth a little of my pre-mixed creamer in a separate cup, then dollop the froth on top of my coffee. 

Voila! The amount of time saved each morning not waiting in the Starbucks line gives me extra time to get things done in the mornings, not to mention save a few bucks! 

Can Cold Foam Be Put On Top Of Hot Drinks?

Making your own coffee shop quality brews at home is a major win, that is, if you can master how to make different styles of coffee. The newest trend that coffee shops are doing is topping your coffee with delicious cold foam.

So can cold foam go on all drinks? Or just cold drinks?

Cold foam can be put on any temperature or type of drink, but will dissolve or sink faster in a warm or hot drink. 

Cold foam is usually made with a dairy based creamer. Dairy, like butter, tends to melt when heated. So it’s no surprise that cold foam would dissolve quickly in a hot beverage. 

Cold foam still sinks a little in a cold drink but not as quickly. The more air that is whipped into the cold foam, the better chance it has at staying in its fluffy consistency rather than melting.

Most commonly, cold foam is put on top of iced coffees, hot coffee, hot chocolate, hot teas, and even on top of fruity drinks like the pink drink from Starbucks which tastes like a delicious strawberries and cream drink.

What Is The Difference Between Making Cold Foam And Cold Foam In A Can?

If you’re an avid at-home barista looking to broaden your coffee making skills, you have probably heard about cold foam in a can. What is the difference between cold foam in a can, making it yourself, and whipped cream in a can?

The difference between the three is texture, convenience, and sweetness. Depending on how you like your cold foam or how much time you have to prepare cold foam every morning, you might opt for one of these great options. 

Homemade cold foam from scratch is more air whipped but inconvenient to make. Canned cold foam is more air whipped, convenient to buy and put in coffee, and will be less sweet than regular Reddi Wip. Canned whipped cream like Reddi Wip has a slightly more creamy texture than cold foam and is not as air whipped.

All three taste delicious but have different qualities of what you may be looking for. 

Pick one that fits your budget, convenience, and taste! 

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