Bialetti Coffee Maker (Review & Comparison)

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The Bialetti coffee maker could be the perfect marriage of cost and utility. You can buy much fancier coffee makers that will grind your beans, steam your milk, and maybe even babysit your children, but it will cost you much more. You can also get cheaper coffee makers that will pour hot water haphazardly over your grounds and then leave the coffee to burn. In our Bialetti coffee maker review, we came to love this well-made product. We think you will, too.

What Is the Bialetti Coffee Maker?

So, just what is the Bialetti coffee maker, and what makes it different from all the other options on the market today?

How It Looks

Stand it up on your counter and it looks at home in most kitchens, with a sleek black stainless steel look that isn’t garish and offers a refreshing change from the silver stainless steel look of most coffee makers out there.

How It Brews

You can program this coffee maker up to 24 hours before you actually plan to use it. This feature works well, and–our favorite part–doesn’t require a degree in computer programming to set up. Maybe you’re like us and tend to use your coffee maker at that time of day when you’re at your most blurry: right after smacking “snooze” on your alarm for the seventh time. We loved how easy it was to use the Bialetti in those moments.

How It Tastes

Everyone involved in our Bialetti coffee maker review agreed that this is more than your standard drip brew coffee machine. For one thing, you can change the brew setting to produce three different strengths of coffee. We found all of them to be rich and smooth, and the boldest was our favorite on an early morning.

The Bialetti accomplishes all his by heating the water to just the right temperature and then leaving it on the grounds for varying amounts of time as per your setting choice. If you’ve been using an older pot for a while and are looking for something new, you’ll really appreciate the flavor difference as you move up to the Bialetti.

Product Specs

We found in our Bialetti coffee maker review that it only took three minutes to get a pot of coffee on the lightest brew setting, and just six minutes on the darkest. It can make up to 14 cups, though, as with most coffee makers, this means “14 cups of standardized 6 oz measurement” and not 14 “real” cups as drowsy humans actually drink them.

The Bialetti comes with a reusable mesh filter, though you can use a paper one if you prefer, and it comes with a programmable automatic cleaning cycle. The water reservoir is easy to see so you’ll never wonder if you have to add more. The only complaint we had was the glass carafe. It feels a little flimsy, and if you break it you can’t get a new one. Replacing the whole machine is your only option in this situation.

How It Compares

For our Bialetti coffee maker review, we chose three other 14-cup coffee makers in the same general class to compare it to.

Bialetti 14-Cup Coffee Maker


Can we just say that we’re all a little tired of the standard coffee maker look? You seem to either get silver stainless steel or cheap black plastic. We really loved that this one features black stainless steel. It looks almost smoky and far more expensive than it actually is.


You can set this coffee maker to make anywhere from just one cup, which it does remarkably well for a large coffee maker, to the whole pot. It has an automatic shutoff, a cleaning cycle, and options for three different strengths of brew.


We were pretty pleased with the performance of this machine. It was easy to program, clean, and adjust. There’s a Pause and Serve feature that lets you grab a cup even before it’s completely finished brewing: a special reward for being the first person into the kitchen in the morning.


The warranty here is decent though not particularly noteworthy. Bialetti will take it back within 30 days if you don’t like it. If it’s not been used, or if it turned out to be defective, they’ll even cover shipping. If you keep it, you get a one-year warranty that is pretty standard for this type of appliance.

KRUPS Thermobrew

This coffee maker uses the company’s patented Thermo technology to give you an excellent cup of morning Joe. This Thermo technology involves an oversized showerhead for dropping the water directly and efficiently onto your grounds, a special hot water circuit that makes sure the water is always at optimum temperature for making coffee, and a special tube. The tube mixes the coffee as it drips into the pot, keeping the oils and acids perfectly mixed.

There are plenty of customizations available, but you don’t have to use them to get it to work nicely, which we like. Sometimes you just want a cup of coffee without going through all the trouble. This unit will keep your coffee warm for whatever amount of time you set it for. It will also let you change the temperature of the keep warm function. The coffee maker comes with a cleaning function, a glass carafe, a permanent filter, and a place within itself to store the cord.


Do you like the color red? We hope so because red features heavily as an accent color for this coffee maker. It’s not a bad color, and it looks fairly sophisticated when taken as a whole, but it’s also definitely not the most beautiful coffee maker we reviewed in this Bialetti coffee maker review.


The question really is not what you can do with this machine but whether there’s anything you can’t do with it. It has a pause and serve feature, adjustable keep warm temperature, and extensive customization choices so that even the pickiest person in your group can have the coffee they want. It’s fairly easy to program and comes with a permanent filter that has an interesting gold tone. It’s not actually gold, so we were not sure what the gold-tone is for other than to look cool; but it certainly does that.


We thought the bold flavor of the richest option on the brewing cycle was really amazing. We have some friends who don’t appreciate really strong coffee; yet they were satisfied with the lighter options. The only thing we could ask of this coffeemaker is a water filter. Otherwise, in terms of performance it’s nearly perfect.


KRUPS offers a two-year warranty from the date of purchase or the delivery date, whichever is later. As long as you use the machine in the way it is designed, you will get your warranty service with the original bill of sale.

Salton FC1667

For a Bialetti coffee maker review, we needed to compare a budget 14-cup option. The Salton is a solid coffee maker that makes a great inexpensive choice for someone who needs the capacity to brew a fairly large pot. This one comes with simple controls that don’t require any special understanding to use. You can program the coffee maker up to 24 hours in advance.

It also has a keep-warm function that can work for up to two hours, and it will automatically shut off if keep-warm is not triggered. This coffee maker comes with a pause and serve feature and takes about 10 minutes to brew the whole, full pot. This unit is quite a bit noisier than the others we have reviewed today.


This is a coffee maker. That is all. If you want something that can also serve as an artistic talking point for your kitchen, you will have to look elsewhere.


There are no particularly special options on this coffeemaker, as 24-hour programming has really become a standard option these days. However, it has all the basics you could want.


You will be able to taste the difference between the more expensive coffeemakers and this one. There is no way to adjust the brew or personalize the flavor. However, if all you want is a solid cup of coffee to get you going in the morning or a machine that will offer a small office, or a large dinner party, plenty of java, this machine will definitely do the job.


This coffeemaker comes with a two-year warranty from the date of your original purchase. The company will repair or replace your product during this time. If you prefer a refund, they will give it to you; but they will pro-rate the amount based on the remaining warranty period.

Cuisinart PerfecTemp

If you want a coffee maker that can make your coffee and also figure your taxes, this might be the unit for you. It produces wonderfully smooth coffee because of its advanced temperature control features, and it comes with a charcoal filtration system that will remove all unpleasant flavors from your water so all you get is the perfect cup.

It’s also just fun to use, whether you’re looking at the finger-touch lid or the user-friendly control panel. You can choose from two different brew strengths, set your brewing program up to a day in advance, and know your coffee is ready when you hear that lovely beep. This is a premium appliance, and it feels like it in every respect.


At the risk of sounding like people attracted to shiny things, we are people attracted to shiny things. This is a gorgeous coffee maker with an elegant and sophisticated look you don’t see very often in minor kitchen appliances. If you have this in your kitchen, people will be jealous.


You only get two brew options with this coffee maker, which is a little surprising considering that many cheaper versions offer three. However it does have a good self-cleaning function, an auto shut-off that you can set at anywhere from immediate to four hours after the coffee is brewed, and an adjustable keep warm temperature control.


As much as we love the look of this coffee maker, we did not love the way it leaked water and the way the pause and serve function allowed a fair amount of coffee to drip onto the warming plate. It wasn’t a terrible problem, but considering the cost of this unit, this was disappointing. On the plus side, the coffee did have fantastic flavor, and it only takes about six minutes to make a full pot. It’s quiet, too.


Cuisinart offers you a three-year warranty on this coffee maker, which is hard to beat.

Bialetti Coffee Maker Review: Conclusion

By the end of this review, we had a good idea of what we loved and didn’t love in a coffee maker. We were also seriously buzzed on caffeine.

If you want a budget coffee maker, the Salton is a really good choice. It will do the job and the flavor is perfectly acceptable. If you want a coffee maker that looks gorgeous, you’ll want to consider the Cuisinart. We found ourselves wanting to sit and stare at it all the time, but once we got over that, we honestly didn’t find it made compellingly better coffee than that served up by the Bialetti.

The Bialetti

After running through all the different models in this Bialetti coffee maker review, we have to say that we fell in love with this Italian wonder. It fits in our budget, it makes delicious coffee, it looks great, and it’s easy to clean. That’s a winning combination of features that make this the newest item on our Christmas list.

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