Avanti Cookie Press Review – Complete Guide

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If you’re looking for a new and innovative way to bake yummy cookies without all the hassle, then Avanti Cookie Press is just what you need. This machine allows users to make cookies at home with little effort. The results are perfect every single time!

The “cookie press and icing set” is a product that was released in 2017. The product has received mixed reviews, but it’s still worth checking out.

Avanti Cookie Press Review - Complete Guide
Avanti cookie press box

The Avanti Cookie Press is a wonderful alternative if you need a cookie press to produce uniformly shaped cookies. It’s a basic tool with two purposes: to press out cookies in a variety of creative forms and to pipe out icing that looks amazing on your baked products.

Mother’s Day, Christmas, and Halloween are all occasions that will be enhanced by the use of a cookie press. Does the Avanti, on the other hand, check all the boxes? We bought one to find out, so keep reading to find out what we thought.

We tested a variety of cookie presses before writing this post, and the findings are below. If you want to compare the greatest solutions presently available on the market, it’s certainly worth a look.

What is included with the Avanti cookie press?

This kit came with everything you’ll need to create cookies and ice any baked product you want to dress up. To be more exact, you’ll get:

1. A cookie cutter

This contraption, often known as a cookie gun, resembles a gun with a trigger. There’s a barrel where you may put the dough or frosting. Squeezing the trigger with a pinion plunger enables the user to release perfectly sized cookies.

Unboxed Avanti cookie press.

Unboxing of the Avanti cookie press.

Cookie discs No. 2

The form of your cookies is determined by these discs. They’re made of stainless steel and are hygienic, sturdy, and simple to clean.

8 cookie press discs on a white background.

A total of eight discs are used to create a variety of entertaining shapes.

The kit includes eight cookie discs that may be used to make a variety of entertaining treats. During the holiday season, the Christmas tree form is likely to be a popular. There’s also a rectangle to make a regular-shaped cookie, as well as a variety of flower-inspired forms.

Cookie discs lying on the counter.

A different angle of the cookie discs.

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, check out our Christmas Cooking Guide, which covers all the essentials and includes some delectable Xmas dishes.

3. Nozzles for icing

An icing nozzle may be screwed on to make decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes much simpler. This kit includes eight icing tips that may be used to create flowers, stars, petals, grass, and more, as well as write cool-looking icing inscriptions. With these Avanti tips, birthday cakes will never be the same.

8 icing tips

It’s never been simpler to ice cookies and cakes.

These tips, like the cookie discs, are composed of stainless steel, so you should be able to use them for years before needing to replace them.

What is the best way to use a cookie press?

Step 1

The first task is to prepare the cookie dough. It’s essential to employ a cookie press-specific recipe. Look for spritz cookies while searching online since their texture is softer and they easily push through the end of the press. You may want to try this delicious recipe for Christmas cookies.

Mixing cookie dough.

For the best results, use a spritz cookie recipe.

Step 2

Stuff the dough into the gun’s barrel. To prevent air bubbles, press in as much as you can while poking it down. Once it’s filled, screw on the plastic tip and a cookie shape of your choosing to the end of the barrel.

Stuffing dough into a cookie press.

To prevent holes, stuff the dough completely.

Step 3

Fill a baking dish halfway with cookie batter, leaving an inch between each cookie.

Quick tip: Although we used parchment paper to line our baking pan, it is preferable to use a bare baking tray. Allow 10 minutes for the tray to cool once it has been greased. This makes it simpler for the cookies to fall off the tray. The tray’s lining made our task more difficult.

Piping out the cookies.

Each cookie should have a slight spacing between them.

Some flower-shaped biscuits are shown below. Not great, but bear in mind that these were made by my 11-year-old daughter for the first time, so don’t be too harsh!

Cookies on a baking tray.

Ready-to-bake piping cookies

The cookies looked excellent after they were cooked!

A baking tray with cookies on it.

Place the cookies on a baking pan to cool.

After that, you’ll have to wash the set.

It was simple to clean up afterward. The cookie press unscrews into individual sections, making cleanup simple and painless.

My recommendation is to wash everything as soon as you’re done. Over time, the dough solidifies in the difficult-to-reach spots, making it much more difficult to remove.

A disassembled cookie press that has been washed.

To make things simpler, wash the instrument as soon as feasible.

Is it worth it to invest in an Avanti cookie press?

If you’re looking for a low-cost solution, this press is a good choice. The pieces are well-made, and it makes baking cookies a breeze. The press is easy to set up and use. A guidebook with some recipes and illustrations showing what shapes each disc offers, on the other hand, would be handy. Instead, we had to test each one to see how the final product would turn out.

Cookies in a container next to the Avanti cookie press.

Cookies should be kept in an airtight container.

It should be noted that some unfavorable evaluations of this instrument claim that it came apart or was unfit for its intended use. The major problem seemed to be with the tip, which was constructed of plastic and couldn’t withstand the pressure properly, causing it to snap off. I didn’t have any problems like this. I would, however, suggest reading our comprehensive analysis of all the top cookie press equipment. Certain of the alternatives on this list provide some benefits over this approach. The Marcato model, for example, is a higher-quality choice without plastic elements. The Oxo Good Grips features a transparent barrel, which is useful since it allows you to see how much dough is left and whether any gaps exist.

The Avanti cookie press is available at most excellent homeware stores.

The “cookie press recipes” is a review of the Avanti Cookie Press, which is a product that allows you to make cookies at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the secret to using a cookie press?

A: To use a cookie press, you would put the batter in one end and then slide your cookies out of the other. You could also cook them on top of an open flame if that’s what makes you happy.

Why are my cookies sticking to the cookie press?

A: It is possible that your cookie press needs to be washed. Washing it with soap and water should do the trick! If not, please contact our customer support team for further assistance.

Why wont my cookies come out of the cookie press?

A: There may be a few reasons why your cookies are not coming out of the cookie press. First, you need to make sure that there is enough room in the machine for them all to come out at once. If they do not have enough space and some get stuck inside when you push down on it, then try moving it up towards its maximum height so more can fit before pushing down again. Another reason could be that you might want to clean off any bits of dough or cookie crumbs stuck near the edge of one side where they meet with another piece, which can sometimes cause problems if too many pieces stick together as well. Finally, ensure that your oven has reached an appropriate temperature!

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