Are Lattes Coffee?

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Most people enjoy a stop at the coffee shop with all of its fancy options. However, it’s easy to get lost when looking at the menu. From lattes to macchiatos to your classic cup of joe, it can be overwhelming when you just want a little bit of caffeine to get your morning started. 

Lattes are a very popular drink choice, and you will see them at most coffee shops. With their creamy texture and sweet taste, they taste very different from just black coffee. 

They taste so different, in fact, that you might find yourself wondering, “Are lattes even coffee?”

Lattes do contain coffee but are not straight coffee. They are a bit different from drip coffee which is what most Americans associate with a typical cup of coffee. 

Lattes are made with an espresso base and frothed milk while drip coffee is made with coffee beans and hot water. Though the two drinks taste very different, they still come from the same source of the coffee bean.

What Is Espresso?

Espresso is that special ingredient that sets lattes apart from regular drip coffee. It has a unique flavor and delicious kick of caffeine that makes it irresistible. The thing that makes espresso so magical isn’t really that magical at all. 

The only difference is the grind of the coffee beans and the roast of the beans.

It is important to note that a coffee roast will vary from company and type of coffee, and there is no specific “roast” for espresso beans. 

Traditionally, espresso is made with dark roast beans which is what gives it that strong taste, but espresso is not always made with dark roast beans. 

When an espresso shot is made with lightly roasted beans, it is given the nickname “blonde shot,” and it will have a sweeter, lighter taste. Beware though, blonde shots are loaded with even more caffeine than a regular espresso shot. 

Espresso is very finely ground coffee beans. This is because espresso shots are made by forcing boiling water through the finely ground beans creating a robust, slightly bitter, and potent shot of coffee. This little bit of dark liquid is the base for many coffee drinks, including the one we are discussing today; the latte! 

Are Lattes Stronger Than Coffee?

If that morning fatigue really has you feeling groggy, you are going to be in search of the strongest cup of coffee money can buy. When you are faced with the decision between a latte and a drip coffee, there is a clear winner. 

Drip coffee is actually stronger than a latte. Now, strength, in relation to coffee, can be determined two different ways; caffeine and flavor. A cup of black coffee wins in both of these categories. 

Concerning caffeine, 16 ounces of black coffee will give you 192 milligrams of caffeine. That is a lot of caffeine! A single shot of espresso has 62 milligrams of caffeine in it. Even when you take into account that in a 16-ounce latte, you will most likely have two shots of espresso in it, still, black coffee wins out with more caffeine. 

When looking at flavor, there is no argument that black coffee has a bolder flavor. Nothing will get you awake in the morning quite like a cup of simple, bitter, and strong black coffee. 

Lattes are smooth, sweet, and frothy. The espresso base gives a subtle and warm coffee flavor while the milk sweetens the drink. Lattes are delicious, but they are not known for their strong flavor. 

Is A Latte Just Espresso And Milk?

Traditionally, lattes are just espresso and milk. In their simplest form, lattes are made simply by adding frothed milk to an espresso base. 

However, with all the new flavors and types of lattes, there can be a lot more to a latte than just espresso and milk. Many coffee shops add syrups, sweeteners, and spices to their lattes, and the mixture is usually delicious. 

From lavender lattes to your classic vanilla latte, these specialty drinks have more than just espresso and milk. If you are looking for a simple and straight-to-the-point latte, consider opting for a latte with no add-ins. This way you are only getting the espresso and milk.

Do Lattes Have Caffeine?

Typically, when someone is ordering a latte, they are looking for that caffeine boost either to get a good morning start or to get pumped up again during that afternoon slump. Lattes are delicious, but the question is, can they offer that energy you’re looking for?

Lattes do have caffeine. Since espresso has caffeine in it, so do lattes! How much caffeine is in a latte depends on whether you have a single shot of espresso or a double shot. 

Now, just like you can get decaffeinated coffee, you can also get decaffeinated espresso. This means that if you are craving that latte taste but you don’t want the jitters and hype associated with it, you don’t have to worry. You can get your favorite coffee drink free of caffeine!

What Is The Difference Between A Latte And Iced Coffee?

Right now, iced coffee is the new craze. It seems that everyone is wanting their coffee iced instead of hot. You can even get lattes served over ice, and you can also order just a plain iced coffee. You are probably curious about what really distinguishes them from each other. 

Iced coffees have a brewed coffee base while an iced latte has an espresso base. Iced coffee is going to have a stronger, more bitter taste than a regular or iced latte will. An iced coffee will also have more caffeine. 

If you like that strong, brewed coffee taste, you should opt for an iced coffee over a latte. If you are craving something sweet and creamy then a latte is your go-to.

Iced coffee is made by pouring room temperature or chilled brewed coffee over ice. After you have done that, you can add whatever milk, sweeteners, or creamers you want to it. 

Final Thoughts

Lattes are definitely coffee, and they pack a good amount of caffeine and flavor in a little cup. So, if tea isn’t up your alley and you’re in the need of an energy pick-up, order yourself a latte!

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